Glorious, Indeed

Headline writing is a fine art. Wired is not very good at it.

“The Glorious Victories of Trans Athletes Are Shaking Up Sports,” reads the headline. The deck: “Some critics claim transgender athletes are ruining competition for cis women and girls, but they forget: Sports—and life—have never been fair.”


What we have here is the anti-headline, i.e. the headline that obscures what the story is about rather than condensing it.

You will not be surprised to read that this is not about the “glorious victories of trans athletes,” but about the lopsided victories of biologically male athletes in women’s sports.

And as for that deck, imagine this conversation:

“I identify as a woman.”

“Sorry, you still have to compete in the men’s category.”

“But that isn’t fair.”

“Sports—and life—have never been fair.”

“I’ll sue.”

“What about a third category?”

“No, that would be a freak category. That’s not fair.”

“Sports—and life—have never been fair.”

Cue litigation. Etc.

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