Gold Buying For Dummies

Besides, at about 1.15, the ratio of gold to the Standard & Poor’s 500 is still below the long-term average near 1.5 or levels pushing 3 in the 1970s. And as long as the U.S. feels entitled to spend beyond its means—and it says something that our schoolchildren ranked 25th among developed countries in math and 21st in science, but are No. 1 in confidence—”it’s hard not to feel that the correlation between the West’s sense of entitlement and the price of gold will only grow,” Trennert says. – Barrons Nov. 15, 2010

For you goldbugs out there Jason Trennert has an appealing message. Before launching Strategas Research Partners, he did a 15 year stretch at International Strategy & Investment Group (ISI) . Trennert and his team at Strategies offer probing market analysis and non-consensus calls.  He is one of Wall Street’s top strategists.