Government Owned Greek Casino For Sale Cheap

As part of Greece’s privatization plan to raise cash to reduce its mountain of debt, the government is preparing to sell as much as €30 billion ($42.9 billion) of public property.

It is still early in the process, but sales are likely to include assets varying from the government’s stake in the Mont Parnes Casino resort in Athens, hotels, and even a concession to develop a luxury resort with a world-class golf course on the island of Rhodes. William Boston – Wall Street Journal – Click To Read More…

The International Monetary Fund is now leaning on Greece to sell its government owned property to pay it’s massive debt.  If history is the teacher, this is property the Greek government has encroached upon, over the years, from their private sector. Like the slippery slope, the  Greek government’s portfolio has grown to include various properties one would not think of as national parks or as our latest writer submission points out, state of the art football stadiums. But it does appear at first glance, that property of any worth in Greece is owned by the government. – DSMW