Guess who Stacey Abrams predicts to win the 2040 election?

Stacey Abrams did an interview with journalist Clare Malone of FiveThirtyEight on Friday. She has some big plans for herself and shared them.

Abrams even predicted the outcome of a presidential election twenty years in the future. She will be the winner because America will be ready to elect a black woman and it will be her. That’s a pretty bold prediction, right? Who knew Abrams possesses psychic powers?

Clare Malone teed it up for Abrams. She asked if America will be ready to elect a black woman as president and Abrams said yes. Malone asked a follow-up question – “Do you think they’ll elect you?” Abrams’ response was “Yes. I do. That’s my plan. And I’m very pragmatic.”

This leads me to question why she was given this platform right now and why she is making such an egotistical prediction for an election so far off into the future. Twenty years is a lifetime in politics, especially in today’s politics. There are reports that she is on the shortlist of potential vice-presidential picks by some of the candidates running in the Democrat primary now. Well, ok, the only candidate I’ve read about that has talked to her is Joe Biden. Biden may be the nominee, though, especially since it is looking like the DNC is putting a thumb on the scale for him already. An old white guy as the Democrat nominee will need a younger woman to balance out the ticket, preferably a black woman. Biden’s support among black voters is often pointed to as an important part of winning the general election.

Abrams famously lost the gubernatorial election in Georgia in 2018 and pulled a Hillary. She refused to concede and to this day has not done so. She has only acknowledged that Governor Brian Kemp was the legal victor. In April 2019 she stood her ground and defiantly said that no one will convince her to actually concede the election. She’s a lawyer, you know.

“Concession needs to say something is right and true and proper,” Abrams told the crowd. “I’m a good lawyer. And I understand that the law of the land said that Brian Kemp became governor that day. And I acknowledge that.”

She added: “But you can’t trick me into saying it was right. You can’t shame me into pretending that what happened should have happened.”

“I’m not saying they stole it from me,” Abrams added of Georgia Republicans’ role in the race. “They stole it from the voters of Georgia.”

Talk about a sore loser. She has maintained all along that it is because of voter suppression that she lost the election. She’s had plenty of support in that narrative – Hillary Clinton and Beto O’Rourke are two examples of enablers that come to mind right away. It must have been quite a blow to lose after Oprah Winfrey made a big show of going to Georgia to campaign for Stacey. Alyssa Milano is one of the actresses who films in Georgia and she jumped on the bandwagon, too. Abrams was the darling of the left coast elitists yet Georgia Democrats couldn’t quite get the job done.

Abrams has been less than steady in announcing her political timeline. She was considering a run for president in the 2020 primary but soon realized she would not be any more successful than, say, Beto O’Rourke, and decided to not get in. In March she said she wouldn’t be ready to run until 2028 at the earliest. She now says she’ll be honored to be considered for vice-president.

She is only 46 years old. She has political experience at the state level as the former minority leader of the Georgia House. She has the ambition and ego to hang in there until she sees an opening. In the meantime, she can continue working with Fair Fight, a group she formed to promote fair elections. Nothing plays better than victimhood in Democrat politics. She plays the game really well and has no immediate intentions of moving on, apparently.

There is no way to predict where the majority in the country will be in twenty years. If just five years ago someone had told me that today Donald Trump would be running for re-election after a very successful first term in office, I would have laughed. Yet this is where we are. Abrams can be “pragmatic” and plan for the future. Of course, she can always go back to writing romance novels.

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