High Holy Links

Hello to one and all!

I’m doing some serious multitasking as I prepare to file this week’s column!

These are the days leading up to the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah and it’s pretty busy. In addition to the shopping, and cooking and baking there is a rather large repentance component to the holiday and I literally just got an e-mail from our synagogue’s Rabbi inviting me to a special lecture on how to really prepare spiritually for the New Year before Judgement Day (Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement)! I immediately wrote back and said “Thanks, Rabbi – great sales pitch, no pressure there!” WELP! At least it wasn’t solely directed to me, I am somewhat moderately confident it was a group e-mail to all of the congregants….

Therefore, as you read this, I’ll be unable to chime into the comment section until some time after sundown Tuesday, North American east coast time. I hope you’ve also had fun over the week reading and listening to some of the other great stuff here at SteynOnline, like the wonderful interview that Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer conducted with Mark live on the Alaska cruise. It’s hysterical!

There’s also Mark’s latest Mailbox offering: Elites in Robes. It contains very important food for thought. But perhaps most importantly, it contains the man himself in a lovely ensemble! Thumbs up for the navy suit and the pink accents, Mr. Steyn. So spiffy! Definitely watch the great prophet Mark Steyn PBUH (Pocket squares Be Upon Him) in the flesh in this video.

Without getting too Jewy here, if you’d like to read any bits and pieces about these Jewish holidays, you can find lots of nice stuff at my go-tos, Aish Hatorah or Chabad.

Shanah Tova to all of Mark’s Jewish readers around the world. And thanks again to Mark Steyn for graciously creating the bestest, most awesome times eleventy gazillion billion safe space on the internet that an In-House Jewish Mother could ever dream of!

And if you really want a chance to see the man, the mensch, the Most Unwoke Bloke In Bespoke in person, do consider the upcoming Steyn At Sea 2020 Mediterranean Cruise!

See ya next year (next Jew year that is)!


North America:

A beauty of an essay from the brave Chadwick Moore, “Dear Journalism Students”.

Florida officer fired after arresting two 6-year old children.

Big Tech getting you down? Here’s a precedent or ending its monopoly.

Oh. Mah. Gawd. Where the hell were the parents? You gotta click it to believe it.

Rooting for these parents.

Emergency camel-ball biting? Yeah, I totally hate when this happens.

Here in Canada, the Liberal tour bus is an epic fail. In case you hadn’t heard, the federal Liberals banned our very own Andrew Lawton from covering them! Then apologized but not really because he’s still banned. But regarding this episode, first of all HOW DARE YOU! Liberals are assuming that men are the stronger gender! HOW DARE YOU? Second, that’s a big bus! Plenty of room down there for all the Liberal women that have been thrown under by the “feminist” PM himself. Yes, I went there.

I want to feel touched and inspired by this, but I’m still just angry about 9/11. Their parents were murdered and nobody really cares anymore. So they are honouring their parents who are no longer honoured.

And via Mark Steyn Club member Michael Seth, a great tip about a “Yiddish For Dogs” class in NYC because of course. Andrew Lawton asked me if they were Shisksa Tzu’s or Goy Poodles, and I said I thought they might be Joodles or LabraJewdles.

And here is an excellent analysis, as always, from Rush Limbaugh: The Elites Can’t Believe They Haven’t Been Able to Take Out Trump (really good, read the whole thing).


Israel and The Jews:

The Auschwitz shofar.

Some good news (hey, I live in hope): NY Jews hate crazy commie kook Uncle Bernie and love Trump.

My Idiot People. I just can’t. Nutcases. You are nutcases, ADL OK?? OK????



The enemies of the people in the UK are sabotaging Brexit.


The Humourless Kook Left Plus Trans and Woke:

Big Trans goes after Dr. Ben Carson. What’s that you say about transwomen and prisons? Nevermind, nothing to see here.

Matel goes woke (and will they go broke?)

Excellent essay from the great VDH: privileged wokescolds should lead by example (ha ha yah, as if that will ever happen).

Major woke dumbness from the Ontario Provincial Police.

And, even more spectacular woke dumbness in the formerly Great Britain.

And voila! “Gender studies” academic admits he basically just made the whole thing up. Gee, thanks for coming out. Also, picture my surprised face! Also-still a professor!!

As per the old adage, once you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.


Human Grace:

She’s not heavy, she’s my student.

General manager of college football team is an essential part of the team.


And, via the great Kathy Shaidle, a tortoise gets a new set of wheels after losing its legs in a rat attack.

Enjoy! Now away you go to frolic about in the comment section. See you there soon!

For those not partaking in Rosh Hashanah or those who are but are reading this after sundown Tuesday, comment away! Remember commenting is one of the perks reserved for Mark Steyn Club members, so if you aren’t yet joined up, you can do that here. Remember that Laura Rosen Cohen’s weekly link extravaganza is also our weekly open thread, so feel free to chime in about these stories or even others that tickle your fancy from last week.