Hillary’s Leftward Lurch

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 4.28.58 PMThis will be a problem as she seeks to move to the center.

Hillary Clinton has not changed at all over the course of her political career — in the sense that she’s always been a flip-flopper, willing to ride the winds wherever they may blow. On the issues, her opinions change as often as the color of her pantsuits.

But which sin is greater: Hillary’s tenuous relationship with consistency, or her apparent complete lack of self-awareness? Wednesday night, speaking in an interview about her inevitable winning of the Democratic nomination, she refused to acknowledge or identify any issues on which her opponent, Bernie Sanders, has influenced her position. Amid vows by Sanders to continue his all-but-futile campaign until the Democratic convention in July, Hillary instead emphasized the goals she and Sanders shared: “I really appreciate all that he’s contributed to the Democratic party and our country and the issues that we’re going to be focusing on in the general election. And I really look forward to working with him to unify our party.”

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