Horton Hears a Hate Crime

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Welcome back to another edition of Laura’s Links. We’re inching ever closer to the one-year anniversary of “two weeks to flatten the curve”, and what a year it has been. A lot has changed in the world and in my own personal sphere. I can’t really count the vast number of things that are different, but some of the bigger ones are relationships with family and friends, how and where we work, and the way my children go to school plus the myriad ways they have been impacted by the evil lockdowns.

The days are short and long at the same time, roll into one another and then unto another weekend, and then another month. I feel lucky though that Jewish life is actually extremely forward thinking by nature: we are always planning for the next Sabbath, and when one holiday passes, we think in terms of the next one after that. That’s been a bit of salvation – being forced to think forward and not incessantly focus on some of the more challenging aspects of the present, and about our current “existence, rather than living”, and longing for “the stuff that makes life worth living”, as Julia Hartley-Brewer puts it in the aforementioned clip.

There are a few signs of hope in America, of course along political lines (as most of the Covid stuff has been since the beginning). Several states have just thrown their mask mandates out the window and are opening up 100%. I cannot imagine that any of the Trifecta of Useless Garbage Lockdown Forever Leaders (PM Justin Hairdo, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Toronto’s Mayor John Tory) have gotten the memo about freedom, and I suspect much more doubling down is on the way.

On that note: I swear, if I hear, or read the phrase “variant of concern” one more time, I’m going to slug someone. “Variant of concern” is part of the Lockdown Forever lexicon and it’s really pissing me off. Enough already!

Having been a writer for some time, I’m used to getting a certain volume of correspondence and have made the acquaintance of some very interesting persons over the years. Another function of having written a lot of stuff over the years is that I don’t remember everything I’ve written. I share these two aspects of writing because I’ve been blessed over the years from time to time to find out that something I wrote really helped someone, or made a difference somehow in their life, for the better. That really means the world to me, so I’d like to take the time here to thank one particular correspondent – I’ll call her J.L here – who reached out to me with a mirror actually. She gave me a good, timely reminder to listen to myself, to my own advice, and I feel so lucky that I wrote something that meant something to her, and she returned the favour to me with a gracious greeting, really when I needed it most.

And now, it’s catch up with Mark Steyn time! If you missed his live Q&A last Friday, you can listen to the replay right here. And a helpful reminder: never forget to Assume the Position. Try it, you’ll like it! The show, not the position, just in case I need to clarify. Steyn’s lovely Song of the Week was Come Rain or Shine. There are also new and shiny features at SteynOnline that you’ll want to check out starting with the monthly compilations of items from The Hundred Years Ago Show. Do be forewarned, it’s not fluffy bunny (to borrow a Steynism) stuff and certainly “not exactly an escape from today’s hell”, but you’ll love it nonetheless. As well, the Great UnWoke Bloke in Bespoke has added a new audio feature in which he reads selections of his unique, wide-ranging and fascinating obituaries and appreciations. Hizzzzoner also did a great spot on Australian TV with Chris Kenny of Sky News, which you can see it here: “Getting Mad…and Getting Even”.

Like Mark Steyn’s lovely pocket squares, my lipsticks have been horribly neglected over the past year, I felt it was a waste under a mask but I shall force myself to open up the drawer again and endeavour to “put some lipstick on and look alive”.

Have a good week and I’ll see you in the comments.


North America:

Smart man. Agree.

We are in a post-truth world right now. Your thoughts?

The real threat to America.

They hate your guts, and all the rules are meant to humiliate you unwashed, ingrate, yucky cucky, Bible-thumbing, child-loving, normal person, a.k.a deplorables.

Are the masses awakening from their Covid slumber? (Meh, not really.)

“We need more people like him.” Absolutely.

These CPAC people are the most incompetent Nazis ever.

“We are not ‘safer at home'”.

They hate the troops. What a disgrace.

Losing an American genius: VDH on the late Rush Limbaugh.

Canadian doctors speak up against the lockdowns. Really good. Well worth your time.

Where are the missing children?

An appreciation of Andrew Breitbart by Rush Limbaugh. Two lions among men, truly.


The Formerly Great Britain:

The virus has killed the liberal order. Indeed.

Anti-human, sociopathic Covid policies have claimed the life of a 10 year old girl. This is truly evil and not enough of us are speaking up about it. How many preventable deaths of children are enough? How many suicides? How much child-sacrifice will appease the Covid gods?

Excellent essay on free speech from Andrew Doyle at Spiked: “The Inquisition of today is not so savage. Our moral guardians have developed more civilised methods of satiating their bloodlust.”

Why is anyone still listening to this massive, always wrong, doomsday, Chinese-lockdown loving, curfew-breaking, do as I say not as I do schmuck?


The Evil Communist Barbarians of China:

Now gently and lovingly testing Japanese tuchuses as well as American ones! “The tests involve inserting a cotton swab 3-5cm (1.2-2.0 inches) into the anus and gently rotating it.” It’s all for science and accuracy so just shut up and bend over!



Faces, hugs, music. The real normal. Real life.


Israel and Jews:

Netanyahu: everything open at Pesach (kind of have my doubts about this but we’ll see).

Via Kate at Small Dead Animals, check out one of the most openly anti-Semitic bits of script ever.

Throwback to Rush Limbaugh explaining why liberals love the enemies of Israel.

This is lovely. An article with optimism, not anger.

Jewish advice: “…when we see people in need of a spiritual boost, we must first make them aware of their inherent worth: that they possess a soul that is truly a part of G‑d.”

And this: “This lesson of the incense is very relevant in our modern – and loud – world. The ultimate in holy living, and especially in areas of kindness and charity, is when no one is present – when we exhibit generosity without publicity, purely because it is the right thing to do.


Humourless and Kook Left, Wokestapo and TransPotatoes (TransSpuds???):

Another garbage take on genuinely magnificent books from garbage people. You can drag the Dr. Seuss books out of my cold, dead hands. Book banning leads to book burning and book burners slide quite easily into human burning. Also this. These are the same people who told you that Baby It’s Cold Outside was rapey… They all need a Grande Mucho Doublo Shuttupio Pronto with a side glass of vintage Chateau du Calm the Hell Down You Abject Lunatics.

Don’t send your children to government schools.

OMG just shut up already and let me enjoy my cookies.

“I’m crying.”

Mr. Potato head comes out of the closet as non-binary or something. More very important potato toy information here. The best part is the explanation that kids like to see “themselves” in their toys. This is a potato. Am I missing something? Are kids potatoes?

Everything is stupid.


Human Grace:

Finally home.

Good advice.


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