In Fear, Democrats Try To Marginalize Republican Women

Writer Submission

From almost every liberal pundit you’ll hear it, you’ll read it in almost every left-leaning newspaper and magazine; Republican women are just “stupid”. There’s no discussion of the facts, no revelation of scholastic or workplace achievements, just slander and dogma. Call it what you will, but it appears that liberals and the Democratic Party are simply afraid of conservative women. 

The main targets of this virulent smear campaign are two charismatic Republican women, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and relative newcomer, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann.

 Palin’s battle against this smear campaign is well documented. Ever since her infamous interview with Katie Couric (you remember her), Palin has been on the political defensive, warding off attacks about her resignation as Governor of Alaska and claims that she’s unfit for “any” office, much less President or Vice-President of the United States. She’s also had to defend herself and her family from egregious personal attacks as well, her family becoming the target of “tell all” books and her children becoming the butt of late night jokes. She’s even had a “journalist” move in right next door to spy on her. Of course, one look at Palin’s record, and the facts would reveal her a conscientious, intelligent, and tireless worker for her constituents.

And now comes Michele Bachmann, and amazingly, she’s getting the same treatment. A pundit on CNN labeled the odds of her gaining the Republican nomination at “1000-1”, while attributing realistic odds to the other possible (male) candidates. In reality, Bachmann, who has yet to officially declare her candidacy, would be one of the frontrunners for the Republican ticket. Placing odds of “1000-1” on her nomination is an attempt to paint her as some sort of joke candidate, something which she absolutely is not. Bachmann has a law degree, a fine professional career, and an impeccable family history. She and her husband, in addition to raising five children of their own, have also provided foster care for twenty-three other children. And yet, the media tries to marginalize her as an unrealistic candidate.

In a recent Washington Post article by Philip Rucker and Paul Kane (May 1), the title starts the attempted destruction: “Bachmann Excels at Attracting Controversy but Wields Little Influence on Hill”. A sub-title calls her a “Polarizing Figure” and quotes a liberal constituent as not being happy with her. No doubt there are many liberals who would be unhappy to have Michele Bachmann as their political representative, Bachmann is a staunch conservative, and to the dismay of her detractors, she, like Palin, has even gone after those in her own party with whom she disagrees. 

Both of these women are feared by the Democrats, why else would they not be challenged on their merits? And many of the arguments that are made against these women are arguments that could have been made against Barack Obama in 2008; lack of international experience, or single term major political office holders. But, in addition to political experience, and unlike Obama, both of these women also have business experience. And given the current economic climate, business experience is a huge drawing card. 

Historically, Democrats have won a majority of the female vote in presidential elections. In 2008 Obama easily carried the female demographic. What the Democrats fear most is a charismatic, conservative Republican woman, with business sense, who can draw off the female vote and provide hope for an economic turnaround. If the Republicans can match one of these women up with the proper running mate, it might just spell the end of the Obama presidency. The problem is; the Democrats know it.

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