Is Divide and Conquer Working For Obama?

“I do not recall another president in my lifetime whose negative drumbeat about large segments of the population has been so relentless. I do not recall another president repeatedly targeting a specific economic class, complaining as loudly and using his bully pulpit so consistently for bashing those who disagree with him.

Presidents, once elected, become president of all the people. They are the ultimate parental figures who show no favoritism while always reaching across the table to keep the family together. Even when they are confidant their plan is the right one, they must communicate it such that everyone in the family knows they care equally about each of them. Painting important parts of our economy and population with such a negative brush is not only un-presidential, it is destructive to the fabric of our nation.” – David Moore

David Moore is chairman and CEO of Moore Holdings a trustee of several New York City charities, More of Mr. Moore’s comments can be found in the Wall Street Journal

Like so many socialist plans carried out before him, Obama’s plan is to fuel dissent and stand back.  Whether it’s Marx or Lenin, it all starts with a good revolution.  David Moore’s comments are stirring and ring true.   We should not forget Obama is dividing this country for a reason.  It is not idle rhetoric. – DSMW