Is Facebook The FBI’s Secret Weapon?

With all the outcry over government intrusion into our lives, it is bewildering just how quickly and easily people are surrendering their privacy to a private company. Facebook has done some very questionable things when it comes to their users privacy of late.

Their founder, Mark Zuckerberg himself, has been the target of serious criticism over his actions and even his behavior: 

“I personally think that he has the stealing gene, and he doesn’t have – I think he’s got like that Asperger thing where he doesn’t care about other people, or no empathy.” Jason Calacanis

If Facebook is more than willing to sell your information out to the highest bidder, would they not also willing open up for various governmental entities wanting a little more information about Facebook’s members? It is not a stretch. It has already happened and is happening on a regular basis. By law, the federal government has a backdoor into all of these companies. And as Google learned, if the Feds have backdoor access, so does everyone else who wants it.

Stop giving away your privacy.