Is it Hot in Here or is it Just Me?

Happy summer to one and all. I hope you are all enjoying July despite the fact that the world is going to disappear in twelve years, or something like that. I don’t now about you, but I’m fully confident that the world will come to an end slightly before acid rain comes back and just before another hole in the ozone appears. You heard it here first!

One of the very best things about summer is not BBQ’s or swimming. And it’s certainly not camping, ugh! Friends, my idea of camping is a 3-star or less hotel. The best thing about summer is central air conditioning and the left is eyeing your AC unit at this very moment so guard it with your lives! Mark gave us a summer road map of Rip Van Woken in a Land Non-Binary Oreos earlier this week. Mercifully, he’s keeping a very close eye on the Age of Woke so that none of us have to any deep diving there.

Thanks, Mark!


Is it hot in here or is it just me???

Where were we?

Voila! A new collection of links from around the world for your reading pleasure and torture.


Western Civilization & Culture, North America:

A good essay, lots of interesting food for thought: why the left targets targets Western civilization.

Are we finally at peak woke? From Australia, coal miners die because gender quotas were not met in safety panels.

Marietta teen” accused of raping and molesting a child. Are these the ‘natural Republicans’ that all the fancy Republicans are talking about? “Dreamer” teens doing the things Americans won’t do, etc?

California Grooming: This is disgusting. Note a majority of “sex education” fanatics are not fanatic about math, English, history or any other academic school subject.

Beware the humanitarian helping people.

The wonderful Tucker Carlson correctly identifies one of the Jew-Hating Shrews of Congress as a “fire alarm”.


Jewish Issues and Israel:

A wonderful essay from Liel Leibovitz at Tablet: Me Among the Believers. It was the 25th anniversary of the passing of the Lubavitch Rabbi last Saturday. I take great inspiration from Chabad, and this essay really resonated with me.

Summer camp, Palestinian Authority style. These people seem nice. You know when there will be peace? When a Jew can attend a Palestinian wedding and it’s not headline news and no Palestinian gets threatened, fired or killed for the crime of celebrating with Jews.

With apologies to Mark, this from our SteynFrau Hubba Hubba file: Bibi helpfully reminds Iran about the IDF’s reach.



Forty one percent of young European Jews considering emigration. This is one of those ‘not just about the Jews’ stories. Take a look at countries with no Jews and see how they are faring and you’ll get an idea of where things are headed for Europe.

The great Douglas Murray presents us with the three unanswered questions of the Roger Scruton hit job.

Swimming pools in Europe continue to be sexual assault playgrounds for migrants.

From Germany. Is any additional comment necessary?

A view from the UK: Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’s antisemitism is making me more Jewish.

Also from the UK, the great Brendan O’Neill on “Why I’m Sick of Pride”.



In case you ever want your baby to look like a little shawarma, here you go.

And a warning that social media can kill you.

You’re welcome!

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