January Blues

Hi and welcome to another January edition of Laura’s Links. This is the I’m Completely and Utterly Freezing My Zionist Tuchus Off Why Do I Live In Such A Cold Place issue. actually heard on the radio over the weekend that Monday was officially The Most Depressing Day of the Year. Apparently, the combination of the darkness, the cold, holiday bills coming in, parties being over and holiday weight needing to be lost puts a lot of people over the edge. Coincidentally, it was also a week in which I heard a lot of not so great news about people I know from various places and parts of my life. Some weeks are like that; stark reminders of the circle of life. So with that in mind, I’ll be offering up a healthy serving of feel good stories along with the dismal and crazy. And I’d also urge you to reach out, share an extra few kind words and/or sprinkle a few more acts of kindness throughout your day if you’re so inclined. You really never know when someone quietly but urgently needs it most.

The Great Prophet Mark Steyn PBUH (Pocket squares Be Upon Him ameeeeeen, ameeeeeeeen) also had a very busy week and made note of some passings. Now, if you know the Prophet Steyn, or have followed him on a regular basis, you’ll know that he doesn’t like to say I told you so. He actually loves it. So, this week, he took a nice swig of Château I Told You So Merlot and looked back at his prediction about The Donald. Well played, Mark Steyn!

*clinks glass*

*raises a l’chaim*


He also did a great Q&A, a fabulous spot with John Oakley and a triple run guest-hosting The Rush Limbaugh Show plus lots of other cerebral and artistic goodies at SteynOnline.

Now buckle up and read up. I’ve once again schlepped through the four corners of the internet to bring you the goods. You’re welcome!



Beware of the helpy people.

Americans revolting against pro-refugee governors.

This is your city on communism and “refugees welcome”.

More here.

Good for her. Meghan McCain grills Mini Mike on anti-Semitism in the Democratic party and on the left.

Nothing to see here: Clinton Foundation confirms a $1 million “gift” from Qatar while she was at State Department. This is not a small thing.

Nothing to see here either: how (at least) five members of the Biden family got rich through his connections.

A compilation of some of the craziest media commentary on the impeachment proceedings.

A very prayerful, sombre, praying prayerful event in American history.

Sombre, prayerful, serious, reflecting praying.

Reality check: the war for the Democratic party will destroy lives and change our country.

President Trump’s exquisite comedic timing. Could not love this more. Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Robert Davi: would Frank Sinatra have been a “deplorable”?

This whole “lying to the FBI is a felony” thing is out of control and nothing to brag about.

Yale faculty speak out in favour of diversifying ideological perspectives among faculty.


Jews and Israel:

Smart Jewish opinion: “The Miracle of Trump“. Endorsed.

This is also so good, love this Rabbi: “The Trump Doctrine: On Zig-Zagging, Keeping Hands Off Our People and America First” (must read).

Interesting: why Orthodox Jews have been hesitant to adopt outside their community and why they shouldn’t be.

Every piece of art, every insurance policy, every bank account, every apartment, every, every everything should be pursued and restituted. How one Jewish family reclaimed their art looted by the Nazis.

Unadulterated, psychotic Jew hatred on display: Finnish MP arrested breaking through Gaza border fence.

Restoring synagogues means never having to say you’re sorry. I’d add Holocaust memorials to this. It’s ever so convenient and common to mourn dead Jews while not really liking the live, uppity ones.

Viva Salvini – this is so good! Spoiler on the best part: Salvini is asked about the rise of right-wing antisemitism in Europe. He gives one of the best replies to this I’ve ever seen: “There is far–right anti–Semitism, and there is a far–left anti–Semitism, that is institutionalized. Think of [UK Labour Leader] Jeremy Corbin, or the left activists in Germany, who didn’t want to be like the Nazis and ended up boycotting Israeli products. I am sure, however, that the high number of Muslims in Europe is the main cause for the current anti–Semitism.”


Formerly Great Britain:

Cheers! Student regularly raises a glass with 94-year old neighbour.

For the DUH file: child victims of “grooming” failed by Manchester police.

Police are so, so sorry. Picture my face.

From Spiked Online: we have to talk about these Pakistani gangs.

Same sex marriage becomes legal in Northern Ireland.



Not satire. No further comment necessary.

Yooooots accused of arson laugh about it in court. As you recall, I did have thoughts about the possibility of arson jihad, a la Palestinians.


Middle East:

Barbarians: Iranian police shoot at protesters.

Female Iranian chess referee fears returning to Iran.



The Swedish government has lost control of the country.

France: Paris to create “pickpocket taskforce” after thefts soar. I wonder why? Anyone? Bueller?

Might this be related? This? It’s a real mystery. We really may never know why this is happening.


For my super awesome “DUH” File:

Frequent marijuana uses are craptastic drivers even when “sober”.



Beware of soy. And soy boys.


Humourless, Kook Left, Wokestapo and Trans:

Young woman who transitioned, then de-transitioned, now a mother, speaks publicly about her plight.

The great Douglas Murray says that terrifying children with eco-doom is nothing short of massive and unforgivable abuse.

British university students to be paid to be rat fink tattletales on their peers.

Campus puritans find very important project: prying Farrah Fawcett posters out of randy, cis, heteronormative hands.

“I founded Occupy Wall Street and condemned the fat rich elites at Davos. Now I’m going to Davos and gosh golly I kinda like being one of fat, rich, super fancy elites here at Davos.”


Human Grace:

American man breaks record for completing marathon in an exoskeleton.

Second baby born in America thanks to transplanted uterus of deceased donor.

Woman who fostered 600 children (yes, you read correctly SIX HUNDRED) says she loved them all like her own.

Raised well. Young diners “restore faith” of waitress.

Twelve-year old Jonathan uses his bionic arm for the first time. Quite glorious.

Brewability: a craft brew pub in Denver that thrives with its special needs and disabled staff. So nice.

I laughed hysterically at these: Jimmy Fallon periodically does “hashtag challenges” on Twitter. He sent one out recently called #RuinAMovieWithOneWord and these are some of the best responses.

Lastly, possibly the funniest video I’ve ever seen about ‘what Twitter is” (not safe for work, language alert blah blah blah).


Bonus personal moment of grace:

I had occasion to be at a doctor’s office last week and was waiting to book a follow-up visit. An older woman came in with her young adult special needs daughter, who promptly started asking at the top of her lungs “is it my turn, is it my turn”? Nobody batted an eye, which was in and of itself quite nice. I got to the counter and the rather young secretary looked at me and sighed and said, I never used to understand when I was younger how my Mom would talk about it not mattering whether you have a boy or a girl, as long as its healthy. I immediately assumed that she was expressing negativity about disabled people. But before I even caught my breath, she looked over in the direction of the disabled young woman and said ‘but that’s why I want to work with special needs people, and help them’. I told her I had a special needs son, and that it was sometimes very tough, and that her choice was very admirable. That’s all I could eke out at that moment, but there were a great many lessons for me in those few moments.

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