Jeb Bush, Jr. To Speak In Tampa

Tampa This week the Hillsborough County  Republican Party will kick off its Summer Dinner Series with Jeb Bush, Jr. as speaker. The event will take place March 25th at 6:30. The location is 11606 N. McKinley Dr. in Tampa.

Mr. Bush will speak on behalf of the Hispanic Outreach and how it applies to the political process in Florida and the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg area in particular. The Hispanic Outreach, Inc / Sunpac mission is to educate and promote the state’s many Hispanic citizens on the values of free enterprise, limited government and fiscal and personal responsibility throughout the state. Hispanics constitute the largest minority group in the United States, with Florida having the 3rd largest population in the Nation.  Many Hispanics are underrepresented and remain disengaged in the political process. The Hispanic Outreach, Inc. / Sunpac addresses this issue.

Mr. Bush and The Hispanic Outreach, Inc. / Sunpac organization engage in community outreach and garner grassroots support by hosting issue driven campaigns that Mr. Bush serves as spokesperson. conducts voter registration drives and coordinates  activities focused on raising the level of political debate in and among the Hispanic Community.

Jeb Bush, Jr. is the son of Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Columba Garnica Gallo a native of Guanajuato, Mexico. He  serves as Chief Operating Officer of Jeb Bush & Associates (“JBA”), as well as President of Bush Realty, LLC. Jeb earned a bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, and, in 2008, earned a Master’s Degree in International Real Estate Finance from Florida International University. Jeb lives in South Florida and is a supporter of Marco Rubio.