Just When You Thought Soviet Propaganda Was Dead

For many years, the American left has combed the past for history lessons that will aid their effort to move the United States toward European-style social democracy, if not a full-fledged socialist utopia. The most successful leftist intellectual in that enterprise was the late Howard Zinn, whose books—such as “A People’s History of the United States,” first published in 1980—have sold millions of copies and are still used by high schools and colleges nationwide. Zinn believed that by emphasizing the struggles of working people, women and people of color against their supposed oppressors, his work could mobilize a new generation to carry on the fight of yesterday’s radical heroes.

That search for a usable past has been taken up in a new form by filmmaker Oliver Stone. Ronald Radosh – Wall Street Journal – Click To Read More…

It continues to amaze me the disregard of historical facts to press an agenda as unworkable and dangerous as leftist ideologies of all kinds.

Hollywood does it in the name of entertainment. It’s more than a new twist on an old story for them. It dovetails nicely into what is being belched out of our University systems left vacant by real facts. ( You can thank the teacher’s unions for this reality. ) It’s like the cool Che Guevara tee shirt your high school daughter wears knowing nothing of the facts of his real mission in life. For her it’s edgy and the graphics are good, not to mention the appeal of being counter culture. 

Leftist ideologies destabilize the hopes and dreams of countries all over the world. They erase whole years of historical continuity in places like Russia and Cambodia and leave in their paths what? In the case of Russia, millions and millions of unaccounted for deaths. Families there today are still looking for mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles brutilty murdered and dumped in unmarked graves around Moscow. Somehow this fact does not translate well into the front of wearing apparel.

Marxist philosophies and the like are the venus fly trap for the uneducated. Beware. DSMW