Kent State 40 years later

The girl in the famous Kent State photo was not a Kent State student but a 14-year-old runaway from Opa-locka, Fla., who hated the war.  After the shooting, Vecchio fled campus.

Today, Vecchio is 54, divorced, and living with her mother and dog on a farm in northern Florida she calls “my refuge.” She looks forward to going back to campus each May 4, when the daffodils have bloomed, and talking with students. 

“I tell them it shows what can happen if the evildoers get too much power. They can take your freedom away. You could be walking to school, and what happened back then could happen to you.”

Rick Hampton – USAToday

DSMW – The president of the college republicans at Kent State sees a relationship between the anti-war protest then and the “Tea-Party” movement.  People are seeing the similarities between the students that stood up against the government in 1970 and what is happening now.  Meholick explains “They’re both grass-roots movements.”