Kindly Note the Impending Bankruptcy

Previously on The Perils of Pauline:

Last year, our plucky heroine, the wholesome apple-cheeked American republic, was trapped in an express elevator hurtling out of control toward the debt ceiling. Would she crash into it? Or would she make some miraculous escape?

Yes! At the very last minute of her white-knuckle thrill ride to her rendezvous with destiny, she was rescued by Congress’s decision to set up . . . a Super Committee! Those who can, do. Those who can’t, form a committee. Those who really can’t, form a Super Committee — and then put John Kerry on it for good measure. The bipartisan Super Committee of Super Friends was supposed to find $1.2 trillion dollars of deficit reduction by last Thanksgiving, or plucky little America would wind up trussed like a turkey and carved up by “automatic sequestration.” Mark Steyn – NRO – Click To Read More…

Once again our favorite conservative writer points out we can not have American sized taxes and European size government.

But we do think he is on to something and it’s more than sharing our fondness for zombies. It’s obvious that if you confiscated every penny the Forbes 400 have, it would be enough to cover just over one year’s federal deficit. Since this is the case why not raise taxes on everyone. Taxing the rich is a mind numbing futile exercise not worthy of our elected officials. We voters deserve better. If we care about the solvency of our country really change how this game is played and get serious.

Forget taxing the rich, it will never be enough. Tax everyone. The 47 percents need, as our friend Sheila Blair said, some skin in the game. They live here too. – DSMW