Land ownership and liberty

If the world’s poor were given clear title to their land they’d gain access to $9.3 trillion in capital, to borrow against or sell.  That’s a pretty enlightening concept and the World Bank might loose a few customers.

In cases like Haiti it’s impossible for the small farmer to get a loan.  The aid machines are too intrenched and the last thing on their minds is capitalism.  In places like Afghanistan the Taliban would find it harder to flourish with a thriving job market. Where restrictions make capitalism impossible black markets spring up.  Free trade is as natural as breathing.

 In Kenya Wednesday people are lining up to vote for a historic new constitution providing new land ownership laws protecting it’s citizens.   Kenya just happens to be the economic engine of South Africa.

One thing we do well in the U.S. is capitalism.  Why not export economic polices and, dare we say, investing to our friends across the globe.  Then we can think about cutting taxes here and let the economic engine of liberty thrive once again. – DSMW