Leg-Hair Malarkey

On Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, Mark and Tucker celebrated the launch of Joe Biden’s “No Malarkey” tour:

“He paid some fancy millennial consultant $30 million to come up with that slogan, it’s fantastic,” Steyn began. “But they did focus groups on other ones, Tucker. I believe they tried out the ‘No Eyewash’ tour, which polled quite well with African-Americans, I believe. They also went for the ‘No Horsefeathers’ tour that tested quite well with Muslim millennials…

“The final one, I think this would have been the one to go to, the ‘No Cockamamie Fiddlefaddle For-The-Birds Bunkum, Dagnabit!’ tour, which polled really strongly with undocumented transgenders, which is a critical constituency for Biden in Iowa.”

Click below to watch:

You can see the full show with Tucker here.

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