Liberty vs Lockdown

In lieu of our regularly scheduled weekend show, we are pleased to present a video special featuring yours truly and Jon Roskam from Australia’s IPA.

I am honored to have been associated with the Institute of Public Affairs for a decade and a half. They’ve hosted me on multiple sellout tours of Australia, and we’ve collaborated on a couple of books, too. And, aside from my personal connection, they do sterling work Down Under on a multitude of issues.

So I was more than happy to join them (in my Zoom debut!) to mull the very weird world of 2020 and its implications for individual freedom in some of the oldest self-governing societies on earth. Jon Roskam steered the show and also took questions from IPA members (and gave away a Mark Steyn Club subscription, too). We covered a lot of ground from the perversion of policing to the rise of China – with some thoughts on Trump and the US election, too. Click below to watch:

If you prefer your Steyn videos in short bites, the IPA has excerpted a few clips on lockdowns, Trump, and freedom.

Weekend-wise, I’m very happy to announce that we’ve booted our lousy guest-host film columnist from the building, and the great Kathy Shaidle will be returning to her movie beat tomorrow, Saturday. And of course we also have our weekend music selections. All our content at SteynOnline is made possible by Mark Steyn Club members in Australia and around the planet. For more on the Steyn Club see here.

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