LIght Rail Be Gone; The Story of Karen Jaroch

Tuesday not only will Tampa be voting on governors, senators and other elected officials, but it will also vote on an article of faith, light rail.  Light rail was put on the ballot in 2006 and it was soundly voted down.  Now, with a democratic administration in office, it once again rears it’s ugly head.  Tampa is expected to vote for light rail and the tax increase it brings this time without a definite route for the train’s destination and a vague at best budget summary.  In Phoneix, AZ  light rail planers are throwing up their hands and proposing to increase a 2% tax on groceries and other items to support their rail budget overruns. Welcome to government run amuck.

Karen Jaroch is the present day David and Goliath. Her story is a wonderful story of getting fed up with government and making a difference.  In the last two plus years her passion has been to stop Tampa’s light rail project and we think she has a pretty good shot of making it happen.  

DSMW has included a short interview with Karen and you can hear her story.  Besides working tirelessly on the NO Tax For Tracks light rail project, she is chairman of the Tampa 9-12 project.  The Tampa 9-12 Project is a perfect example of grass roots activism at its best and you can join.