Live Around the Planet: Friday March 17th

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Happy St Patrick’s Day to our many Irish listeners in the auld sod and around the globe. ​I’ll be hosting a shamrock-hued edition of our Clubland Q&A live around the planet an hour later than usual, at 4pm North American Eastern – not because I’ll be in the pub and so rat-arsed I forget the show, but because the US and Canada have prematurely sprung into summer while the rest of the planet remains fallen back to winter. So across the Atlantic in Dublin and Belfast we’ll air at our regular hour of 8pm Greenwich Mean Time, and likewise at 9pm in the western half of the Continent, and at the usual hour beyond. We’ll try to pin down the rest of the time zones below, but do, as they say, check local listings.

As always, we’ll take questions from Mark Steyn Club members across the globe on a wide range of issues. Yesterday was the third anniversary of America’s “fifteen days to flatten the curve” – the moment when the average citizen first became aware of Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci, whose glee at their sudden eminence is palpable:

In related news, last week I was convicted by the British censorship agency Ofcom of breaching its “rules”. For those uninterested in my personal travails, the issue here is Ofcom’s obstruction of any pushback against the suffocating narrative of the last three years. Ramesh Thakur, former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, is on the case over at the Brownstone Institute:

The latest example of the broadcast regulators coming down hard on the slightest misstatement from critical commentators is Ofcom pulling up Mark Steyn for the use of one wrong word – “definitive” instead of, say, “suggestive” or “possible” – in a GBNews broadcast on 21 April 2022.

As Dominique Samuels tweeted: “So Mark Steyn’s comments were in breach of your ‘broadcasting rules’ but TV doctor Sara Kayat claiming [on ITV’s This Morning] the Covid-19 vaccines were 100% effective, with NO counter opinion included, wasn’t”? Precisely.

Disappointingly, GBNews let Steyn go. But the feisty commentator had his own say: “Ofcom is not an impartial arbiter, but rather a body that three years ago chose to take one side: the side of the state narrative. And when it did that, it killed honest discussion on TV and radio.” Promising to take his appeal to a real court of law to expose Ofcom, he echoed Hitchens: “I wear my Ofcom death sentence with pride.”

Indeed. Although the “feisty commentator” has decided to pursue Ofcom in court, GB News will not be appealing – and appears to have submitted to far more rigorous Ofcom-policing of their entire schedule than that required by law. It doesn’t seem to be going over well with what remains of their audience. From the Together for Tourism Alliance:

I like Nigel Farage but I was sorely disappointed last night when he was asked what was his favourite TV show?

He replied Jacob Rees-Mogg’s show that replaced the Great Mark Steyn.

Nigel’s kinky aberrant tastes are not shared by his 67 million fellow UK citizens. The Lord President of the Privy Council Hour with Jacob Rees-Mogadon is only in its third week, but on Tuesday slumped to its smallest audience to date. It then declined to a new record low on Wednesday, and last night, Thursday, the show dropped further to its teeny-tiniest viewership yet. The weak lead-in is killing Dan Wootton’s first hour, which may be why Dan should have spoken out against the plan when he got wind of it. Still, could be worse: at 3.30pm Patrick Christys was down to just 4,900 viewers. What a self-inflicted fiasco.

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