Live Around the Planet: Friday March 24th

Thank you for all your questions. If you missed the live broadcast, the action replay can be heard in full here.

UPPERDATE! We’re live now, so let’s have at it!

UPDATE! We’ll be going live in about fifteen minutes, so do get ready to fire off your questions via the comment form below. See you at the top of the hour. And to listen simply click the livestream feed.

Today ‚ÄčI’ll be hosting another edition of our Clubland Q&A live around the planet …but, for our US and Canadian listeners, an hour later than usual, at 4pm North American Eastern. That works out at the regular time across the Atlantic – 8pm GMT, 9pm in the western half of the Continent, and at the usual hour beyond. We’ll try to pin down the rest of the time zones below, but do, as they say, check local listings.

As always, we’ll take questions from Mark Steyn Club members across the globe on a wide range of issues, from Trump’s impending arrest to my suit against the British censorship agency Ofcom – two subjects which are not, in the grand scheme of things, unrelated.

Unlike yours truly, GB News will not be appealing the censor’s verdict – and indeed has surrendered to far more rigorous Ofcom-policing of their entire schedule than that required by law. It doesn’t seem to be going over well with what remains of their audience. Yesterday’s Jacob Rees-Mogadon Show was a ratings sinkhole, delivering by the end of the hour just 15,100 viewers for the start of dear old Dan Wootton’s programme. Could be worse: At 3.30pm poor Patrick Christys could command just 2,500 viewers across the British Isles.

~Whether or not you’re a Steyn Clubber you can listen to our Clubland Q&A live as it happens wherever you chance to be on this turbulent earth: membership is required only to ask a question. We love to hear from brand new members, and we are delighted to say that this week we again have many who’ve chosen to follow The Mark Steyn Show to its new non-Ofcom-compliant home. So if you’ve joined the Club in recent days, either for a full year or a see-how-it-goes experimental quarter, do shoot me a head-scratcher for today’s Q&A, and I will do my best to get to it.

~We will have a brand new Mark Steyn Show for you on Monday. Thank you for all your kind comments about this week’s shows. Marilyn Connell, an Anglo-Texan Steyn Clubber, writes about Jules Serkin’s mum having better instincts on the vax than the NHS – and also about the threat of global domination by brainy fecund gay mice:

Hi Mark.

Just two comments to your (as usual) brilliant show today (Wed).

92-year old mothers know a thing or two and should be listened to. Oldies have been around the block a few times…and…

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy the mice WERE in charge.

Indeed, Marilyn.

While I’m at it, I cannot tell you how immensely grateful I am to those Steyn Show guests who have chosen to stick with me. I am forever in the debt of Dominique, Eva, Leilani and Alexandra – all of whom will be on this summer’s Mark Steyn Cruise – because Ofcom can’t get you in international waters (I think). No tests, no vax passports, but just a week of fun on the Adriatic with the aforementioned ladies plus Mr Snerdley, Michele Bachmann and other Steyn Show favorites. More information here.

~If you have no desire to join The Mark Steyn Club, no worries, as they say in Oz: We seek no unwilling members – and as always today’s show is free to listen to, so we hope you’ll want to tune in.

As soon as we go live, members should log-in and submit their queries via our comment form below – and they’ll be answered as-it-happens on the audio livestream that should magically appear just before we go on air.

~Clubland Q&A is a special production for The Mark Steyn Club. We’re not paywalling off SteynOnline or any of that nonsense – and in fact this site now offers more free content than ever before in our twenty-year history. However, Club membership does confer a few benefits, including not only participation in our Q&As but also access to Tales for Our Time, our Sunday Poems and much more.

So make sure you join us live this afternoon at 4pm North American Eastern Time. That’s 5pm in the Canadian Maritimes, half-past-five in Newfoundland – and, beyond the Americas, 8pm in London; 9pm in Paris; 10pm in Kiev; 11pm in Moscow; half-past-eleven in Tehran, for all you Newfoundlanders who move to Iran for the half-hour time zone; 1.45am in Kathmandu, for all you Iranians who move to Nepal to check out the quarter-hour time zone; 4am in Singapore, 7am in Sydney, 9am in Auckland, and Saturday lunchtime in His Majesty’s Dominions across the Pacific.

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