Live Around the Planet: Wednesday May 29th

Thanks for all your questions. If you missed the live broadcast, the action replay can be heard here.

UPPERDATE! We’re live now, so let’s have at it!

UPDATE! We’ll be going live in about fifteen minutes, so do get ready to fire off your questions via the comment form below. See you at the top of the hour. And, to listen, simply click the livestream feed.

Today, Wednesday, I’ll be conducting another Mark Steyn Club second-birthday edition of our Clubland Q&A, live around the world at 4pm Eastern in North America – that’s 8pm Greenwich Mean Time. We’ll try to pin down the rest of the time zones below, but do, as they say, check local listings.

On today’s rundown, I’m happy to take follow-up questions on the Brexit Party’s triumph and the European elections more generally, particularly in terms of the populist right and the climate-change left. If you caught the second part of my conversation with George Papadopoulos re the personal and tragic consequences of being targeted by the Deep State, I’m always interested in your thoughts on where the coup-by-investigation is headed next. If you’ve got a question on Queen Victoria’s bicentennial, that may well tickle my fancy, too.

And, as we’re coming to the close of Steyn Club second anniversary observances, I’ll be glad to take questions from Club members on what you like about us, and what you don’t; what we’ve got right these first two years, and what we’re missing. If you have any thoughts on our classic fiction serializations or live music or our upcoming Steyn cruise, I’d be thrilled to talk about those as well – whatever Club-related topics are on your mind. Thank you to all our First Month Founding Members who’ve decide to re-up and renew for another year. But we also like to hear from brand new Club members, so if you’ve joined this month or even this morning feel free to shoot me a question on any topic that appeals.

Whether or not you’re a member of The Mark Steyn Club, you can listen to the Clubland Q&A live as it happens wherever you happen to be on this turbulent earth: Club membership is required only to ask a question. If you’ve been toying with signing up, either for a full year or a see-how-it-goes experimental quarter, there’s still time to do so and shoot me a head-scratcher for today’s show. In recent days we’ve had new members join from New York and Montreal, Luxembourg and Chesières in Switzerland and Waverton in New South Wales and many other places – and all our newbies are welcome to chip in when we crank it up in a few hours’ time.

As soon as we go live, members should log-in and submit their queries via our comment form below – and I’ll answer them as-it-happens on the audio livestream that should magically appear above (or possibly below – I forget which). And, if you disagree with my response, feel free to object to it in the comments, and I’ll try to address a couple of the objections as we go along.

Clubland Q&A and much of our other content is supported by members of The Mark Steyn Club. As I always say, we’re not paywalling off SteynOnline or any of that nonsense – and in fact this site now offers more free content than ever before in our sixteen-year history: more columns, more essays, more audio, more video. But Club membership does confer a few benefits, including not only participation in our Q&As but also Tales for Our Time, my series of video poetry, and much more. And I’m very heartened by the comments of those who’ve decided to re-subscribe. Harald from Ontario:

It has been an immense pleasure to be part of the club and to have learned much along the way. Thank you Mr. Steyn for your bold stands for the truth and that which is upright. -Blessings!

Thank you, Harald. In this season of renewals, we also cherish new members. Please welcome Ann from Illinois:

Huge fan!!! Love appearances on Tucker and Rush. Great to know intelligence still exists and someone brave enough to speak truth to the stupid! Thank you for fighting the good fight to save freedom of speech.

On that last point, Ann, I’ll have more to say in the next few days. We’re a convivial band in The Mark Steyn Club, and, if you fancy joining, you can find out more about it right here – or, if you have pals who are partial to audio fiction, you can sign ’em up for our special Gift Membership, and they’ll be all set for next week’s brand new Tale for Our Time.

So see you back here live this afternoon at 4pm Eastern in New York and Montreal. That’s 5pm in the Canadian Maritimes, 5.30pm in Newfoundland – and, beyond the Americas, 9pm in London, 10pm in Luxembourg and Chesières, 11pm in Jerusalem, midnight in Muscat, the early hours of Wednesday morning in Asia, a bright and early 6am breakfast in Waverton Down Under, and a slightly more convivial hour for the kippers and kedgeree in New Zealand and beyond.

But, whatever time it is where you are, we do hope you’ll be able to join us. To listen to the livestream, simply click the “play” icon on the audio player (in certain browsers, the audio will start auto-playing). And to pose a question simply use the comment form below.

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