Making Bread Lines Great Again

Greetings! Welcome back to another edition of Laura’s Links, from glorious “Stage 1” Lockdown Land, otherwise known as southern Ontario. There are some signs of normalcy around, like people sitting at outdoor patios having meals and drinks. There are long lines to get into previously closed “non-essential” retail stores, and “essential” stores are allowed to sell “non-essential” items once again. Inasmuch as this is “good” news, I still cannot believe that I am writing this about my life in an allegedly free country.

As many of you know, I’m a bit of a history geek. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would experience lining up to enter stores only to see empty shelves and the product shortages I once read about in accounts of communist countries. Yet, because of our utterly incompetent, supine, and frankly sinister politicians, instead of being able to haughtily scoff as I once did about this, I experience it in my own neighbourhood stores. Whoudathunk? But you know who is laughing now? China. Also these jerks. More on that here.

You also know by now that I both love and hate when another writer says something I’ve either thought of but not been able to articulate properly, or they get to it before me. It happens not infrequently, and I like to share those thoughts here as much as space and topics permit, so I’d urge you to read this piece. This is definitely one of the best essays I’ve read about Covid and the push to have a ‘new’ normal – and how it must be resisted. I’m very glad to discover Emina Melonic, so do read the whole thing! Her conclusion is spot on:

“The sooner we recognize that the problems brought on by the COVID-19 crisis are not only political, cultural, or economic but also deeply existential and spiritual, the sooner we might be able to fight the chaos of dystopian and joyless thinking, and continue to affirm the culture of life.”

That’s probably a good thought to end with for today. Probably good to end with a kind of sort-of pep-talkish, optimistic note and less of my typical bombastic kvetch-o-rama schtick, along with some of my habitual, highly-amped up but totally, obviously legit fawning about the boss coz you know I really do dig that guy! For real and not for joking!

**waves to Mark**

Over the past week, in case you missed anything, the great Prophet Steyn did a hybrid version of The Mark Steyn Show which mixed show elements with some live Clubland Q&A questions. He revisited his fabulous analogy of the seat warmers, and his Song of the Week was What Is This Thing Called Love? Don’t forget that the Song of the Week can now be heard every Sunday on Serenade Radio at 5:30 PM British time, 12:30 PM Eastern time. Don’t miss it!

Take care, and I’ll see you down below in the comments!


North America:

Jackie Mason on the three constants of life.

Pushback success story.

Where are Biden’s Jews?

There will be no consequences as a result of this.

When kids are braver than adults.

On vaccinating children: this is worrisome. There is an emergency meeting of the CDC on June 18th. Will be interesting to see what they say.

Jonah?!?! Jonah? Is that you?

Did someone say Arkancide?


Israel and Jews:

When Jews attack Jews. Gross.

Profoundly moving. Israeli soldiers sing in the parking lot of the building where 5-year old Ido Avigal was murdered by a Hamas rocket. The words are those of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev. Here’s a nice arrangement that I like a lot because it pairs two really beautiful voices together: a famous Israel Chasidic singer with a famous Mizrachi (Sephardic Jewish) singer. May Hashem avenge Ido’s murder, amen.

“We arrived, I think, on a Sunday. But Tuesday never came, because a half an hour later, they weren’t alive.”

Nice. But it’s a pity more celebrity Jews don’t invest in living Jews instead of dead ones, in live Jewish communities instead of communities that are now solely based on graveyards, empty shuls and museums.

History Geek Out! And so appropriate for our times.


The Formerly Great Britain:

He autographed their livers!!! This is the NHS that Britons idol-worship.

Rape shmape.

All cultures are equal, haters.

Meanwhile, permanent lockdown by the goofball without a comb… or testicles.


Down Under:

Lockdowns are evil.

Because SCIENCE! (You’re welcome.)


Evil, Barbaric, Murderous China and Its Useful Idiots in the West:

Good Lord.


Humourless and Kook Left, Wokestapo and Trans:

Behold: the fetid, putrid mess that is cancel culture.

When children are more brave than adults, continued…

“Throughout her tenure at Dalton, Justine Ang Fonte has helped to develop an exemplary K-12 Health and Wellness program. Dalton — our faculty, staff, administration, and trustees — continue to stand firmly behind this program and those who teach it.” PERFECT. JUST PERFECT.

When the State comes for your kids“. MUST READ.

The people who wrote this are garbage and should all be fired.


Human Grace:


Look at the ability not the disability.” Amen.

I feel such a jolt of energy and freedom.” Magnificent.

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