Man who brutally beat Macy’s store manager in ‘unprovoked attack’ finds mercy from unlikely source — his victim

The 18-year-old man accused of beating up a Macy’s store manager in June — an incident caught on video that went viral — pleaded guilty to the charge against him Wednesday, WJRT-TV reported.

The defendant, Damire Palmer, also gave his testimony in court as part of a plea agreement, the station said.

Image source: WJRT-TV video screenshot

So after pleading guilty to assault with intent to do great bodily less than murder, Palmer told the court what led to his attack against the store manager inside Michigan’s Genesee Valley Mall, WJRT said.

Here’s the clip of the attack. (Content warning: Racial slurs from the attacker):

“I asked him a question about some clothes,” Palmer said, according to the station. “I asked him about the jacket type that I was about to get.”

Palmer said the store manager answered him, but then Palmer’s brother told him the store manager called him the N-word, WJRT reported — which Palmer admitted was a lie from his brother.

“Why would your brother do that?” the assistant prosecutor asked, the station said.

“I wouldn’t know,” Palmer replied, according to WJRT. “I honestly wouldn’t.”

Mercy extended

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton told the station that the Macy’s store manager — who’s still dealing with the trauma of the assault — didn’t want to take the stand.

So they decided on a plea agreement — and part of it was the victim’s request to spare Palmer a permanent felony record. So Palmer’s felony charge will be dropped once he serves his sentence and be replaced with a misdemeanor charge of aggravated assault, WJRT said.

“Basically, you beat this guy so bad he was quite bloody, correct?” the assistant prosecutor asked, the station said.

Palmer replied, “Yes.”

Image source: WJRT-TV video screenshot

“And did you know that he has agreed that you should be treated as a youthful offender even though you beat on him like that?” the assistant prosecutor asked, WJRT said.

“No, I did not know that,” Palmer responded, according to the station.

“Do you understand what kind of break that man gave you?” the assistant prosecutor asked, WJRT reported, adding that Palmer replied, “Yes.”

What’s next?

Palmer’s punishment is in the hands of a circuit court judge, the station said, adding that Leyton indicated it could end up being anything from probation to 10 years behind bars.

Palmer will learn his sentence Sept. 1, WJRT said.

“Nobody’s looking to hang felonies on young men,” Leyton told the station. “I never have, and I never will. This was a bad crime though, and he has to face the consequences.”

Leyton also noted to WJRT that Palmer’s older brother could still be charged, and that his office will be reviewing Palmer’s testimony to help them make that decision.

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