Mark Levin has dramatic suggestion for ‘systemic racism’ — and politicians won’t like it

Conservative commentator Mark Levin offered up a suggestion in response to claims that America experiences from “systematic racism in law enforcement.”

“Due to systemic racism in law enforcement, and the disbanding of the police in our cities, I suggest we pull all security protection from Biden, Obama, Bush, Pelosi & Schumer. For their own sakes. I also suggest we pull the Capitol Police from Congress,” Levin suggested late Friday.

“Can’t trust those cops with our precious representatives, either. While we’re at it, let’s yank protection from the Supreme Court. And how about we pull security at sports stadiums, pro-athlete locker rooms, Beverley Hills and Brentwood,” he added.

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s tragic death, which sparked nationwide protests, there has been renewed discussion about the lasting impact of racism in America. Protesters believe that institutional systematic oppression exists in America.

Their claims have now resulted in calls for police departments to be disbanded.

In fact, Minneapolis leaders said this week that their police department would be disbanded in lieu of a “transformative new model of public safety.”

Levin’s suggestion mocks the radical calls to eradicate security and police departments since American leaders and celebrities often depend on their protection on a daily basis.

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