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Greetings and welcome to this week’s batch of Laura’s Links. As you likely already know, the big, big, big, YUGE news from Steyn HQ that Steyn v Ofcom is on! Yes indeed, and this action will address the great damage done. As he says, he’s doing this not just because of the censorship, but because it was a trial run for the future that is planned for us: less freedom. As Mark explains:

“The last three years have been a disaster for the Western world but it’s also been a pilot program for the future they’re building for us; a future with less freedom of speech, less freedom of movement, less freedom of religion, less freedom to visit your loved ones in hospital, less freedom, less freedom to drive more than three miles from your home, less freedom to go into a grocery store, less freedom to have Granny over for Christmas, less freedom to sit on a park bench…There has to be a repudiation of the wholesale throttling of the most basic liberties and of the people who enforced them, such as the totalitarians of Ofcom, because otherwise, they’re going to do it to you again, over and over and over. That’s the big picture.”

It’s that, of course, and his tireless advocacy on behalf of the vaccine injured and bereaved, the indirect victims of the media omertà on the “safe and effective” vaccines. Godspeed to you, Mark Steyn. There will be more news and information in the days and weeks to come regarding the case and how we can support Mark in this battle, so stay tuned.

I had an interesting experience earlier in the week when I pitched an article idea and got a counter offer to write about the actress Drew Barrymore prostrating herself to the Church of Trans. I declined, because I find pop culture nowadays SOOOOOO BOOOOOORING, but also because the trans cult is very dangerous and I believe we are going to see more violence and even murders happening because of this ideological cult. Incredibly, trans has displaced Muslims in the hierarchy of victimhood and intersectionality, and if you don’t believe me, take a look at this. More here.

I’ve posted articles about men posing as women in order to compete against women in sports and leave all the women in their dust. I’ve always felt that only completely pathetic loser men would do something like this, but I’ve seen this thought articulated better than I could, so I’ll share it here with you:

“I didn’t have the physicality to make it as a male athlete. Thankfully, even as a small male, I’m bigger and stronger than most women. The trans community supports my narcissism, giving me the chance to steal opportunities from women and achieve my dreams.”

If you want to fight against any of this, or all of this, you have to speak the truth and as Mark always says: live in truth. Don’t be complicit in madness and in living the lies. Be courageous. Be complicit in truth and goodness and morality and support those who are leading the charge.

Take care and I’ll see you in the comments.

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North America:

VDH: “Are We the Byzantines?” (spoiler: yes)

Crushing free speech in Canada: A warning to America.

Nothing to see here.

They hate you and they are not bothered by your daughters being raped.

Yup, pretty much.

The wicked manboob computer geek is evil.


Walkbackening, Accounting and Reckoning and Gaslighting:

Mandates? What mandates?

Unreal. I thought this was from 2021 when I first saw it. Apparently from this show here.

NOTHING TO SEE HERE. Just defibrillators in schools for children. Nothing to worry about. Safe and effective, etc.


Israel and Jews:

Ben Gvir!

Mystery solved, G-d rest her soul.

The hollow sanctimony over Hawara (really good).

The leftist brats of Israel.

More on the proposed Israeli legal reforms here.

Torah Teacher Chique (!!!)


The Formerly Great Britain:

Please explain to me why Britain “needs” Pakistani “culture”.

Or Albanian “culture” either.

There’s a first for everything.







This is one of the saddest things I’ve read in a while. Look what was done to us. Absolutely evil.


Predatory Sleazeball Pervert Kooks, Trans and Wokestapo:


Behold: four bepeinsed Irish “men” without balls unbothered by women getting raped by violent bepenised men in women’s prisons.

“You can’t define ‘woke'”. A Twitter thread.

This is good.

I’m a child of the 70s. In grade school, we played Red Rover, dodgeball, freeze tag and tetherball. We did not play the “Seducing Hooker” game.

Left wing policies are a threat to the survival of human life.” Indeed.

This is happening because the people in power want it to happen to your children.

This is the future they want for us.


Human Grace:

“The grace of dying.

He kicked down her door and then became her guardian.

“I have everything in my life because of him.

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