Meet The Next President, Citizen Cain

Let’s face it. The American voter cares more about content than experience. The ground breaking election of Barack Obama proved, that at the right time, a few crafted words from a virtually unknown candidate with little time on the political clock and no business experience can carry the day.

The fact is, right now, when political experience is discussed, conservatives’ thought is running ahead of the pundits and other GOP candidates. The great silent conservative majority no longer cares about it. As a matter of fact, the years a candidate has spent in the House, Senate, as mayor or on a school board, is no longer important. Last year, the number of years one served was a liability, now political service no longer matters. 

It’s all about the person. It is not important your state is leading this country out of recession with spectacular job creation. The rest of the country will not buy into your plan if the right leadership qualities don’t surface. Rick Perry is living proof of this. The number of years Michele Bachmann has been fighting Obamacare does not matter. Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich are all facing spotty relationships with the voters and their uncomfortable personal political history. The voter’s opinion of who is qualified to lead this country has quietly changed since 2008.

Herman Cain is the game changer. He has no political history and makes no apology. He has what the voters want more than anything else and that is life experience and no nonsense leadership. Cain has a gifted resume, a stunning personality, friends and business associates he can point to and he has never given up to cancer, a bad business plan, or pressure from being part of a minority. Herman Cain is the real deal and voters are beginning to define what he really stands for and they want more.

Herman Cain’s achievements are many. Besides being a regular contributor to several radio networks, he has written seven books, not about himself until recently, but about leadership and how you can be a leader too. Cain’s smart, focused and he is used to staying the course. Do yourself a favor and see Herman Cain in person. You will never look back.