Middle East Peace from President Hitler

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Now here’s the latest batch of Laura’s Links…

Greetings, and welcome back to a new edition of Laura’s Links. By the time you read this, I will be heavily ensconced in preparations for the Jewish New Year which coincides with the Sabbath and this year, taking place place from Friday sundown to Sunday sundown. While traditional, secular new year’s greetings focus on the “happy”, Jewish New Year greetings focus on the “good”. We wish to be inscribed, by G-d, for a good year in the Book of Life.

As the endless weeks of Chinese coronavirus madness have plodded on, I’ve tried to stay alert to signs of normalization and good tidings. Well, Mazelshallah, habibis. I definitely think we got one this week in the form of the peace treaty signed between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, brokered by President Trump, otherwise known as President Worst Hitler Ever. He’s actually so bad at Hitlering, there was a Jewish prayer service on the White House Lawn! Way to go Children of Abraham.

A touch of great news in otherwise bleak news cycles and states of world affairs. How sad Obama and Ben Rhodes must be! How sad the Jew-haters must be. How nervous Iran and Turkey ought to be. We must appreciate these waves of truly good news in a sea of gloom and doom. There’s a geo-political earthquake happening in favour of good, but November will soon be upon us and the stakes are grave indeed.

My most honourable and gracious host, the great Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH (Pocket squares Be Upon Him ameeeeeeen ameeeeeeen) has also been feeling a little pessimistic lately. How do I know this? Oh gee, I dunno, little hints in the headlines, like in his latest Monday Notebook “Feasting on Blood“, or the “Nuking the Realm of Manners” episode of The Mark Steyn Show and the new “Mob du Jour” live Clubland Q&A (which we had all missed so much over these past months!). Another serving of Steynian wisdom and deep thoughts can be found in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stoned“. But fear not! The Most Unwoke Bloke was upbeat on the downbeat of Body and Soul, so there’s that!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom for serious consideration, from the actor Jim Caviezel. It’s a timely reminder to all of us about tyranny, to wit: “It’s not going to be some communist or Nazi that takes away your freedoms. It’s going to be you giving them away,”. Keep up the fight and I’ll see you in the New (Jewish) Year.


North America:

First and foremost, the amazing Daniel Greenfield on remembering 9/11 in a woke year. Must read. Must. Must. Must.

Thoughts on the Chinese coronavirus: “Exaggerated levels of fear were driven by sensationalist media coverage during the COVID-19. And yet, while the public was ordered to lockdown, overall costs and benefits to society from severe mitigation measures had not been assessed.”

The left continues its habitual pattern of murdering your children. If not abortion, lock downs. If not lockdowns or abortions, by enabling, excusing and cheering the sexual abuse of your children. Your children’s lives are a perfectly reasonable price to pay for their aspirations of power.

Apparently, we need experts to tell us “CHINA BAD”. You’ll know the research exchanges are not about recipes or fashion but an array of other miscellaneous topics and areas of expertise. We are doomed.


Israel and Jewish:

Whatever could be the reason for the anti-Semitism in Austria of all places? Puzzling.

Angela Merkel also, like totally sad and stuff about anti-Semitism in Germany. Whatever could be the reason for anti-Semitism in Germany of all places? Do you see any mention of migrants here? Or did I miss it?


New Middle East:

Still lots of cool stuff happening. More here and here.

Remarkable children of Abraham.



Swedenistahn update.

Scotland cancels David Hume. Nothing to see here.

Via the great Kathy Shaidle: Enoch Powell “reconsidered”. Gah.

Better late than never.


The Formerly Great Britain:

OMG this despicable creature.

James Delingpole interviews Douglas Murray. Good stuff.


Down Under:

Thoughts on Covid totalitarianism in Australia.





Kook Left, Wokestapo and Trans

Today, in Satan

Shoot me now.

Off to gulag you go!

Scramble the obituary writers, STAT!


Human Grace:

Sage wisdom. Wish I had coined it. Amazing.

G-d bless the healers.

“Until this summer, Frankel said, Bienstock would participate in a reading every Fourth of July of the Declaration of Independence.”

We salute you, Sergeant.

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