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As I put the final touches on this column it’s Israeli Memorial Day which will seamlessly blend into Israeli Independence Day this evening. As I get older, it gets harder and harder for me to read the stories of the precious lives we have lost to the murderous bloodthirsty rage of antisemitic terrorists over the years. Each year, I see story after story of bravery, of courage under fire, of lives stopped short in cold blood in their prime, of devastated families, orphans, bereaved parents, widows and widowers. It often makes me pause and focus my thoughts on the pathetic evil of antisemitism, of the poisoned, tortured souls that live for murdering Jews. And I thank G-d that I am a Jew, blessed to raise Jewish children, able to outlast the Jew-hating masses and movements of history now and through my children and future grandchildren. The chain, from the patriarchs and the matriarchs, will remain unbroken with me, and I pity the wretched human souls whose sole reason for living is Jew-hatred. What a waste, a pathetic waste.

I thought about children a lot this week as the Pandora’s Box of Roe vs Wade was cranked open in America. Did anyone else feel the hand of G-d, or the spirit of G-d, speaking to them about the babies, the millions upon millions of murdered babies, rest their souls? Did anyone else feel like we may have hit the point where the radical, perverted, grooming political left just went too far in pursuit of our children? Are parents waking up to the threats facing our children? Is there a lesson for us in the Supreme Court “leak” and might it be the need for immediate, soul-searching, urgent action on behalf of unborn babies, and on behalf of humanity and human life to save our own souls? How can America the good be any good at all with such unspeakable, wanton, wide-spread mass murder being carried out every minute of every day upon its shores?

Make no mistake about it, there is pure evil walking, talking and acting among us and as one parenthetical proof, I present you with this bit of evidence: America has a “human geyser of misinformation” as its Minister of Truth.

There are serious, repeating messages being sent to us from above, and we must listen to them. We must read the writing on the wall, listen to what the truly evil humans around us are saying, and open our eyes and see what they are doing and not be afraid to face it and fight it. Above all, we protect the children; your children, my children, all children. Creating life is a humbling and miraculous partnership between a mother and father and G-d. All lives are created with souls and it is our sacred duty, our adult and human responsibility to protect life, and reclaim the Culture of Life away from grip of the Culture of Death. We must be vigilant and aggressive, assertive and dominant as we battle with our every breath for the sanctity of life.

Mark Steyn himself frequently says that the current political battle in our world is not “left” and “right”, but rather “free” and “unfree”. I would add that every human, willing or not, has been conscripted into a battle and must “choose life” or “choose death”. Pick. Your. Lane. Choose wisely and never rest because evil never rests.

Lastly, a personal matter relating to my disabled son: I’m looking for someone who can help me with a very small, but really important 3-D printing project. Please drop me a note in the comments or e-mail me directly if you can help, I would be most grateful for assistance with this matter as I have no clue how to do up a blueprint for 3-D printing but have access to a 3-D printer. The small things are the big things and this is a biggie for us.

Take care, thanks in advance, and I’ll see you in the comments.


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Israel and Jews:

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Ha ha good luck with this.

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There was no need for school closures and they knew it all along.



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Kook and Predatory, Child Grooming Left:

Slate magazine is obsessed with Jewish anti-pedophile social media rockstar Libs of TikTok.

When sex-ed is a crime against children.” Well, when is it not is a better question.

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I saw Elijah the prophet in the form of a German guard.”

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