Missouri Election Official Worked Polls On Election Day While Knowingly Covid-Positive, And Then Died


An election official who knowingly had Covid-19 and still worked Election Day at a polling place near St. Louis has died, St. Charles County officials said, advising those who were at the voting precinct Tuesday to “watch closely for symptoms.”

Voting Face Mask

Photograph of medical mask with I voted sticker attached.


Key Facts

The official was an election judge supervisor, who received a positive test on Oct. 30 and then refused to follow advice to quarantine for 14 days, the county said in a news release.

The official worked at St. Charles County Precinct 41 at the Blanchette Park Memorial Hall polling place on Tuesday.

1,858 people voted at the polling place on Election Day, the county said, but an election judge supervisor does not typically have close contact with voters.

County officials believe fellow election workers are at the highest risk, and they are being advised to test for Covid-19.

Sanitation measures were taken throughout the day, with face masks or shields required for all election workers and Plexiglass barriers separating workers from voters, according to Kurt Bahr, the St. Charles County director of elections.

Voters in St. Charles County were not required to wear masks.

What We Don’t Know

The county has not yet named an official cause of death at this time. 

Crucial Quote

“As this virus continues to spread, all aspects of the healthcare system are working together to remind the community that a positive Covid-19 test result requires that person to be responsible to others in the community,” St. Charles County Director of Public Health Demetrius Cianci-Chapman said.

Big Number

102,831. That’s how many Covid-19 cases were added in the U.S. on Wednesday alone, according to Johns Hopkins University, setting a new record.

Key Background

The U.S. is again in the midst of a severe coronavirus outbreak, which health officials warn will be the worst one yet. New daily case records are regularly being set multiple times a week, as hospitalizations skyrocket. There were 52,049 people hospitalized with Covid-19 on Wednesday, according to The COVID Tracking Project, the highest amount in nearly three months. Deaths, which lag behind increases in other metrics, are also now on a steady rise around the United States.


Unlike earlier surges, the current U.S. Covid spike is affecting all regions of the country. But the Midwest seems to be faring the worst. Missouri does not have the worst outbreak in the region, but the state has recently set records for new cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

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