MORE! Is Not a Practical Solution

 As Samuel Gompers once famously said, “We do want more, and when it becomes more, we shall still want more.” Liberals insist that government must do more to help the poor, provide economic security, develop social justice — fill in the blanks — but they are unable to say how much more is enough.  Marcia Sielaff – American Thinker

“The danger liberalism poses to the American experiment comes from its disposition to deplete rather than replenish the capital required for self-government. The operation of entitlement programs leaves the country financially overextended, while the rhetoric and rationale for those programs leave it politically overextended. They proffer new “rights”, goad people to demand and expand those rights aggressively, and disdain truth-in-advertising about the nature and scope of the new debts and obligations those rights will engender.  The moral and social capital required by the experiment in self-government is the cultivation, against the grain of a democratic age, of the virtues of forbearance, resolve, sacrifice, and restraint.”

 Author William Voegeli discusses his book “Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State” with Andrew Breitbart