No excuse for the WNBA to keep selling itself short in its third decade | Opinion

WNBA isn’t a minor sport. The league must stop acting like one.

In its 26th year, when signs abound of huge opportunities that exist in women’s sports, the WNBA operates as if it should be grateful for every crumb it gets.

Instead of getting the spotlight it deserves, the WNBA gets the one it’s willing to accept.

ESPN released numbers for the just-concluded season Tuesday, and they are as impressive as you’d expect for a league that’s been on a sharp trajectory the last few years.

Ratings for the full WNBA season were up 22 percent over last year. Ditto for the postseason, with the semifinals alone up a whopping 45 percent. The All-Star Game was the most-watched in seven years, up 53 percent. The draft saw a 20-percent increase and was the most watched in eight years.

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