No One Loves You When You’re Down And Out: Saif el-Islam Gadhafi’s Story

Accustomed to moving in elite and polite western society, 38-year-old architect son of the Libyan Leader is now something of a pariah. Educated at the London School of Economics, the younger Gadhafi is no longer welcome in the posh Hampstead Garden suburb where he owns a $16 million dollar home. Embarrassed and now marginalized by the London school, the Royals and the likes of Nat Rothschild of the legendary banking family, Gadhify is persona non gratta. Even Mr. Rothschild is thinking twice about his friendship with Gadhify. Mr. Rothschild hosted Seif at an engagement party in Greenwich Village and later a shooting weekend in the English countryside and the family villa in Corfu, Greece.

Saif Gadhify, a budding artist, is a man of many talents. Last summer he opened an exhibit of Libyan art in Moscow that included more than a dozen of his realist, surrealist and abstract art. Lilia Palveleva, a local radio personality, felt that Saif was more interested in showing his works than the Libyan archaeological things he moved quickly by to reach his works.

When Saif fell in line with his father’s regime and appeared in state television declaring, “His father would fight until the last man standing” he, well, sealed his fate. Recent video show Seif holding an automatic rifle addressing Gadahfi supporters.