No Representation without Taxation

The recent Occupy Wall Street ruckus and the drumbeat rhetoric of Democrats in Washington that the rich pay too little shows the dangers of placing power in the hands of those who have no real interest beyond self-interest in the governance of the nation.  One rallying cry of our forefathers when the British Crown sought to impose taxes — really, very modest taxes — on the colonies without the consent of us colonials was “No taxation without representation!”

The logic of that slogan ran something like this: if I have no say in who passes taxes that I must pay, then what prevents the officials from imposing unfair taxes on me?  On the other hand, if both the burden of taxation and the voice in tax-making are roughly equal, then taxes passed will be just and sensible.

Commonly shared burdens undertaken granted in exchange for commonly held rights was viewed as a complementary and self-regulating system. Bruce Walker – American Thinker – Click To Read More…