Nobody Needs a Woke Earl

On Wednesday afternoon I was live in studio with the great John Oakley at Toronto’s Global News Radio 640. The topics of discussion ranged from government by fax machine to the name of Harry and Meghan’s baby. Click below to listen:

In this birthday week of The Mark Steyn Club, I notice that many of the ideas I first advanced at SteynOnline are slowly – too slowly – percolating around the world. Here’s a random sample from the news sites of the last twenty-four hours. Cam Brown at American Thinker contemplates the violence that will follow western demographic eclipse:

Others who have made similar claims, based on these and other studies (notably Mark Steyn and Douglas Murray), have similarly argued that a fully multicultural Western world will not end well and that any negative aspects will assuredly show themselves once the Baby-Boomer generation has disappeared.

Laura Perrins across the pond at Conservative Woman writes about the accelerating destruction of the past:

I have been watching this cultural revolution that Mark Steyn spoke about with increasing dread. By cultural revolution I mean: the removal of many historical figures physically in the form of toppling of statues, or the attempted distortion of their record and reputation in the public eye such as Churchill on accusations that they were racists. Remember, whoever controls the past controls the future, and this is the Left’s attempt to control the past. They want to erase it and/or rewrite it.

Nathan Giede in British Columbia’s Prince George Citizen points out the utopian delusions of globalism:

Of course, the reason Plato’s Republic and its many imitators never succeed is due to human nature. And given that idealists, whom are often intellectuals like Prof. Hancock, imagine a regime of total power wielded by benevolent experts, the problem arises that if any nefarious people do manage to seize control, violence is the lone recourse of the citizens. To quote an entirely original man, Mark Steyn: “where do you go to vote out global government?”

And Douglas Ernst in The Washington Times reports on how the Democrats are not so much de-legitimizing Trump as the very possibility of politics:

“The Democrats essentially provide political cover for all these FBI-types monkeying around, wiring tapping, and surveilling the opposition,” [Steyn] said Monday evening. “If the Democrats didn’t lend it political cover, we would all see it for what it is: the deep-state gone rogue. At the same time, the deep state’s investigation into George Papadopoulos and Co. provides cover for the Democrats as to why Trump’s victories, Republican victories, are never legitimate. So, in a sense, these two things operate on twin tracks and support each other.”

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