Not-So-Super Tuesday results: Biden surges in MI, MS and MO

Ed and John have a breakdown of the six individual races in the main open thread, but this one will include all of the results as they become available via the Decision Desk tracking system. We’ll just take a few moments up front to cover some of the things we should be keeping an eye on. The polls close at 8 p.m. ET in Mississippi, Missouri and North Dakota; 9 p.m. ET in Michigan; and 11 p.m. ET in Idaho and Washington.

If the polls are anywhere near accurate, Joe Biden is looking at some significant wins in Mississippi and Missouri. Sanders is expected to do somewhat better in Washington and Idaho. And, of course, the big red flag, assuming there is one, will come from Michigan, along with the largest number of delegates for the evening. Bernie was leading there for quite a while, but after Super Tuesday, it looks like Biden came storming back. If he manages to snag a win in Wisconsin with more than 60%, the path forward for Bernie Sanders starts looking like the eye of a needle. If Biden sweeps all six states convincingly and pulls more than, let’s say 80 of the 135 available earned delegates, Sanders won’t be out of the race mathematically, but it’s tough to see where he mounts a comeback at that point.

All of this recent activity just goes to show how wrong you can be. I freely confess that only a few weeks ago I thought this race was going go deep into the primary season if the moderate lane remained splintered and a brokered convention wasn’t entirely off the table. South Carolina and the subsequent stampede of candidates out of the race and into Joe Biden’s corner changed all of that. But we’ve lived to see interesting times so anything is possible. Perhaps the Democratic primary voters have a few more surprises up their sleeves for us. So what’s the over/under on whether Joe Biden forgets what state he’s in during his victory speech tonight? I’d put it at 50% tops.

And now, on with the widgets! Here are your results, loading here as they become available, in order of when the polls close. Also included is the overall map tracker and, at the bottom, the running delegate totals as they are awarded. Don’t expect all of those to be complete by tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: (Jazz) The early returns show Biden crushing it in Missouri and Mississippi as expected.

UPDATE: (Jazz) Add Michigan to the list, mostly quashing Bernie’s hopes.









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