Obama Challenging Nation Sovereignty

The Constutition may seem a quaint concept to liberal judges, college professors and other progressives with “transnational” ideas, but it is the bedrock this country is founded on, laws are based from and elected officials are, well, elected. It is the fabric that runs through this country. 

The ongoing battle between the rights of activitist judges and progressive thinkers vs. the Constutition is not a new one. Woodrow Wilson’s 1912 speech “What is Progress” is a perfect example of progressive thinking; of a yearning to change the shift of power and move to a more international view of ourselves; to cast aside the power of the American people and turn it over to intellectual thinkers and the judicial system.

Barack Obama last week took this thinking one step farther when he announced that he has a “legal obligation” to treat wartime detainees according to provisions of a treaty that the United States has never ratified. Once again he is sidestepping the constutition in a blanant and lawless way. No matter the number of transnational law supporters he surrounds himself with in the Oval Office, the citizens in this country fervertantly safegard democratic accountability in Iowa and the rest of the country. American Sovereignty is at state here.