Obama Explains To Base Why Government Leaks Are Bad

To deprive the U.S. government of a smooth flow of information by disclosing its internal communications. “An authoritarian conspiracy that cannot think efficiently,” Mr. Assange wrote in an essay in 2006, “cannot act to preserve itself.”


We are reminded once more that Julian Assange and Pfc. Bradley Manning are still out there. When the President visited San Francisco last week, 20 supporters of Pfc. Manning paid $100,000 a plate to heckle Obama at a fundraiser to show their support for the release of Pfc. Manning. Obama had to explain to his base (the hecklers) why it’s wrong to release government leaks, a lot of government leaks, and diplomatic cables that endanger the United States.

Julian Assange’s former top aid, Daniel Domscheit, has written a book, “Inside Wikileaks” where he describes Mr. Assange’s focus on the U.S. as the only enemy. It cost Domscheit his job when he tried to persuade Assange to be more “politically neutral” instead of Anti-American. 

Meanwhile, PFc. Manning has been transferred to Fort Leavenworth Kanas from the more restrictive Quantico, Va. and Julian Assange is free waiting rape and assault charges in Sweden.  Dreamworks has purchased the rights of The Guardian book on Mr. Assange to bring a movie to a theater near you.