Obama mentions Himself 63 Times In Short Inouye Eulogy

At his narcissistic best, Obama mentions himself 63 times in a speech at the funeral for the late Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii.

He begins with a slight of hand about democracy and then goes into great detail about a small boy growing up in Hawaii and Indonesia. The president takes the occasion in the eulogy to touch several times on his platform, his views and goes to great lengths to personalize Inouye’s moment for himself.

The words “I”, “me” continue for a staggering 63 times only mentioning Inouye in passing at the end of this very short (for Obama) speech. The camera pans to the dignitaries and stoic, unhappy military who are seated in the church for the service. A short camera shot takes in President Clinton who is shaking his head possibly in disbelief.

If Obama does the euogly for your special service, be sure to set the ground rules first.

Rule #1. It’s not about him.