Obama Needs a Gingrich

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 3.46.16 PMAnd he thinks the NRA is it. As he enters the last full year of his presidency, Barack Obama remains bereft of the services of the one man who could make his administration complete. I refer, of course, to Newt Gingrich.

Recall, if you can, the heady days of 2008. Barack Obama, a relatively obscure figure, had just snatched the Democratic nomination from the pitiless Clinton machine, announcing the arrival of a genuinely new kind of political operation, albeit one dedicated to the service of an all-too-familiar and decrepit ideology. America wanted to see the man succeed, and even some conservatives (some of whom have since confessed their error) saw in him a newness and a freshness that seemed to compare favorably to the apparently eternal fixedness of Senator John McCain (R., Café Milano). Even those of us who saw through Obama’s phony pragmatism hoped that a few months in the saddle might make something of a realist out of him. If only Nixon could go to China, only a Democrat can reform Social Security.

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