Obama Ready To Sign Into Law Bill Eliminating GOP Participation In Government Contracts

 Obama’s Ganster Government

President Obama is expected to sign into law this week a bill that will take a dangerous step over the line between the power of government and the welfare of business. The bill states all companies and their officers would be required to list their political donations as a condition to bidding for government contracts. Companies can bid and lose out for donating to Republicans, or they can protect their livelihoods by stopping donations to the GOP.

The White House order amounts to using the power of government to shut down not only political donations to Mr. Obama’s rivals in a political year, but moreover it eliminates market participation in government contracts. Contracts in the future will be parceled out to friends of the Democratic party and the White House. As astonishing as this is, it will be happening with the stroke of Obama’s pen.

“This is almost gangster politics, to shut down people who oppose them. . . . I assure you that this going to create problems for them in many ways—seen and unseen—if they go forward.” – Minority Leader McConnell in an interview called the order the “crassest” political move he’s ever seen.