One Big Crazy College Campus

Programming note: On Wednesday Mark will be back with three of his most popular guests – Leilani Dowding, Alexandra Marshall and Eva Vlaardingerbroek – for a brand new edition of The Mark Steyn Show. That’s at 8pm GMT – which, for this week only, is 4pm North American Eastern/1pm Pacific.

~On Tuesday Steyn was reunited with his old EIB comrade Mister Snerdley – James Golden – on Bo Snerdley’s Rush Hour at New York’s legendary radio powerhouse 77 WABC. Topics ranged from the death of free speech to the rise of woke banking. All that plus Snerdley & Steyn on the high seas. Click above (or here) to listen in full.

~GB News appears to have descended into an Ofcom-friendly rolling-trivia station, and its remaining viewers seem to be getting the message: Yesterday, in its third week, Jacob Rees-Mogadon’s Lord President of the Privy Council Show sank to its lowest ratings yet, its audience down fifty per cent on last week by halfway through. Even worse, at 2.15pm on Tuesday Mark Longhurst, across the British Isles, could command just 1,600 viewers. GB News has broken faith with its base, and is reaping the customary rewards.

~On a cheerier note, if you’d like to join Snerdley & Steyn on the first post-Covid Mark Steyn Cruise, please check out more details here:

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