One Night In May

Susan Connelly

While the world applauds the Obama administration for eliminating Osama bin Laden, will Americans forget the destructive domestic agenda this President has forced upon the people of our country?

He has placed a superstructure of czars over the government and granted them a regulatory authority never before used in the history of presidential administrations. Previous Presidents have appointed single-issue czars, who have delivered their policy recommendations to Congress in open testimony.  We have had czars, in other words, who have served administrations in a limited advisory capacity.  Never before has a mere advisor to the President been able to order the suspension of activity taking place in the country, as Obama’s Cass Sunstein has done by issuing a moratorium on domestic oil drilling.

 President Obama took $814 billion dollars from the American people by pretending that the economy was teetering on the edge of collapse, and claimed that this so-called stimulus would save the country and create millions of jobs.

The unemployment rate continues to hover at ten percent.  It is difficult to see any appreciable job growth from the money the government has already spent. If some $168 billion of this fund has not yet been encumbered, there are “shovel ready” jobs in tornado-devastated states to which this money could be applied.       

In the first 19 months of his administration, President Obama spent more money than all of his predecessors combined, adding a whopping $2.5060 trillion dollars to the national debt. A debt Federal Reserve Chaiman Benjamin Bernanke has been servicing by printing reams of worthless dollars.

 With his penchant for describing problems as crises, President Obama convinced his fellow Democrats to place our entire health care system into the hands of federal bureaucrats. Despite Judge Roger Vinson’s having ruled that ObamaCare violates the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, this administration has refused to stop implementing the health care takeover until the Supreme Court decides its fate.  States, feeling the heavy hand of federal regulators, have already begun passing legislation to create health exchanges, the bureaucrates ready to dispense socialized medicine.  The United States is well on the way to exchange our market-based medical system for a scheme similar to that employed in Great Britain under the National Health Service. This bankrupt system, which delivers rationed and substandard care to the British people, has been described as a “jewel” by President Obama’s Medicare czar, Dr. Donald Berwick.    

When considering our nation’s fate next November, Americans would do well to remember the sum of Barack Obama’s decisions as President, not a single order given on one night in May.