Ooh La la!

“Ooh la la!” “This is not working out well for Strauss-Kahn.” Romain Bucquet, a 22-year-old movie-theater cashier in central Paris, as he watched footage showing Mr. Strauss-Kahn being marched out of a New York police station.

Things are indeed not working out well for Mr. Strass-Kahn after another allegation of attempted rape surfaced yesterday when a young journalist showed up in 2002 at Mr. Strass-Kahn’s apartment to do an interview with the french socialist politician. Tristane Banon was able to escape after Strass-Kahn ripped her bra and clothes off.

Ms. Banon is the god child of Mr. Strass-Kahn’s second wife. When Banon’s mother approached Mr. Strass-kahn with the story he acknowledged his misconduct and had this to say;

“He told me he had lost his mind, blown a fuse,” Ms. Mansouret said. “He said he had acted on an impulse, that he believed it was an erotic game.”

Ms. Banon did not file charges fearing it would damage her resume’. She told her story instead to the french television station Paris Premiere in 2007.

This is the third allagation of sexual misconduct and attempted rape for Strass-Kahn and will impact his position with the IMF.  In the future he will no longer be able to give your money away.