Open Letter To John Pistole

Mr. Pistole,

Last night you appeared on Anderson Cooper 360, expressing disbelief over the “shameful behavior” of some of traveling public. You repeatedly used the term partner refering to your agency’s relationship to the American public. You clearly do not understand what all the outrage is about, or you know quite well and are spinning the living hell out of the debacle.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, let’s operate under the pretense that you and your agency are well meaning but incompetent; screening pilots for weapons and then entrusting them with weapons of mass destruction is moronic. You staff your checkpoints with people that by all apearrences are not suited for employment in the private sector. You then inact intrusive and offensive screenings that insult and violates the rights of your fellow citizens. And then you wonder why everybody is so upset.

As political appointees neither you, nor your boss, Janet Napolitano, were elected. You are not beholden to your constituents like, say a president is. For two years the President has polarized this country; angering millions. He was tone deaf, much like the TSA currently is, to the growing dissent and was just rebuked for not acknowledging the opposition. The fact that you and your agency are not addressing this issue demonstrates your ineptitude.

Or does it?

Let’s assume you are not bumbling idiots. That your policies are carefully orchestrated. Then, Mr. Pistole, you should be ashamed of what you are inflicting upon the American public. In your haste to protect at all costs, you are destroying that which you, as an American, should hold most dear; liberty. Do not pretend we have rights if you inform us we can be sued for deciding we would rather not fly when faced with draconian security. Do not fool yourself into believing you are part of a democracy, if you will only tolerate our compliance. And please do not label the increasingly violent and possibly tragic confrontations at security checkpoints as “unfortunate”. 

If you do truly see your agency as our “partner” then you should be willing to work with us to craft a policy we can begrudgingly live with rather than resent.