Opinion: Rams executive Kevin Demoff taps into logo hate for coronavirus relief fund

Hate the new logos unveiled by the Los Angeles Rams? Well, someone found a productive way for fans to vent.

Kevin Demoff, the Rams chief operating officer, posted a Twitter challenge inviting venom with a purpose. If the all-day, virtual Te”LA”Thon that the Rams and local TV partner KABC staged Tuesday cleared a goal of $2 million to benefit a coronavirus pandemic relief fund, Demoff pledged to read the top 10 “Mean Tweets” as a source of inspiration.

Talk about creative ways to elicit feedback.

“If some self-deprecating humor and people taking shots at me can raise money for someone who needs a meal, that’s the best thing I can do with my time,” Demoff told USA TODAY Sports.

The pandemic relief fund benefits the United Way of Greater Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

It seems that there is no shortage of potential donors. After the Rams unveiled their logos and new team colors as part of a brand relaunch on the team’s website, more than 85% of respondents to a Twitter poll by a certain NFL columnist for USA TODAY Sports disapproved of the new logos. A similar rate was reflected with a Pro Football Talk poll that drew more than 11,000 responses.

Demoff took such patterns in stride, maintaining that brushback is to be expected with a logo change – although he found positives in feedback that showed support for the blue and yellow color scheme.

“When you unveil something that’s a little different, people have to warm up and get used to that,” he said. “I think some people will come around to the change and obviously we will look forward and try to make sure the feedback is incorporated in the best way possible.”

In the meantime, the Rams found a creative way to tap into the social media hot corner by mimicking the popular Jimmy Kimmel Live segment.

“I’ve always found that interacting with fans on social media, you can do some give-and-take,” Demoff said. “You have to have not only a thick skin, but realize the interaction is what people are a part of.”

Demoff knows at least two social media followers – aged 13 and 11 – eager to see a Rams logo version of  “Mean Tweets.”

“I think my kids are more excited about it than anything,” he said. “But it’s really one of those things where anytime we can drive help — and if that’s by poking fun at ourselves and not taking ourselves too seriously, I’m all for that.”

Which means there mi even be an encore later this year when the Rams unveil their new uniforms and redesigned helmets.

Methods to donate include:

Calling a national toll-free line at (888) 504-9491

Visiting the website www.unitedforla.org/pandemicrelief

Texting “UnitedforLA” to 1-844-701-5181.

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