Orange Man Bad

Hi everyone and welcome to another alternately moderately introspective, sometimes infuriating, and intermittently tear-jerking issue of Laura’s Links. Mark was kind enough to give me a shout out on his last, and most excellent Clubland Q&A! All I can say is nuts to New Year’s resolutions, begone good deeds, introspection, exercise and evil mansplaining Peleton along with its song by SteynBuddy songmeister Tal Bachman etc…. My new life goal is to get rich enough to be Mark Steyn’s Personal Boffo Rich Zionist Paymaster with all the benefits that entails. From SteynOnline In-House Jewish mother to world domination, wait ’til you see what the world will look like when I get Steyn on my personal, Zionist payroll. Sorry is it getting hot in here?? I got distracted. Where were we? Steyn, personal servant and slave… domination? Umm, can’t recall….

Right, right… recapping the week, silly me!

*waves to Mark*

*composes self*

Over the past week, Mark reflected upon The Ghosts of Charlie Hebdo, guest hosted for Tucker Carlson and did two amazing guest hosting spots for The Rush Limbaugh Show. He’s also been on fire regarding Prince Harry and Meghan, and their incessant efforts to carve out ‘more self-absorption time’ for themselves (!!!).

But trust me, there’s lots more crazy to cover, so let’s get started.


North America:

Disgraceful, rug-headed man child that Canadians were stupid enough to elect twice helpfully blames Orange Man Bad for Iranian barbarity.

“Texas man”, whoops I mean “Texas Imam” charged with sex crimes against four children.

Thoughts on Iran’s miscalculation. How amazingly hysterical would it be if John Kerry’s You’ve Got a Friend style treasonous “diplomacy” with his buddies in Iran was the direct cause of the Suleiman “miscalculation”.

Guys, I think I’m in love with this headline: “Noted liar Ben Rhodes touted as Iran expert by media”.

Your friendly reminder that the mainstream media does not want you to have access to information, or choices.

Israeli military veterans gives self-defense classes to Monsey residents. Good.

Gun applications surge in Rockland county after Chanukah terrorist attack. Also good.

Mini Mike blowing his entire wad in his attempt to bring down Trump. Good luck with that.

Jew-Hating Shrew of Congress would like to remake America into some kind of craptacular sh&thole or something.

Elle Magazine thinks we should all dress like kooky, commie Uncle Bernie and schlep around in pudding-stained shirts and drool bibs.

Siri, what do you call “a good start”?

Yes indeed, Lord Black: the world is a better place without Soleimani.

Amazing column from the great Caroline Glick: Donald Trump and the Mythmakers (must read).

Terrible: Agent orange could have affected children of American soldiers. It is disgraceful that governments continue to hide information war-related illnesses from their own soldiers and their families and fight against them when they need help and care. Absolutely reprehensible.

Feast your eyes upon Tucker Carlson’s wildly depressing series American Dystopia, on San Franfeces: Parts one, two, three and four.


Jews and Israel:

Don’t hold your breath: “Minority leaders must speak out against Jew-hatred in their communities.”

Very prominent Rabbi issues ruling (in Hebrew ‘psak Halacha’) that Jews can carry guns to synagogue on Shabbat for self defense.

Agnes Keleti, the oldest living Olympian champion turns 99. Mazel Tov!

Endorsed: Israel must help Christians feel the love if it wants Evangelical support.


Middle East:

I think I figured out “why there are no gays in Iran” (that’s according to Mr. Eichmandinejad-not me).

Arab journalist to Iranian: dude, we actually don’t want you to liberate Jerusalem for us. Thanks but no thanks and go away.

An initial Israeli assessment of the Soleimani killing. Spoiler alert: good thing.

New Middle East: Iranians refuse to stomp on American or Israeli flags.


Formerly Great Britain:

A new, lucrative business venture for Meghan and Harry? Business is booming.



Picture my surprised face: Syrian-born Swedish politician arrested. Guess what for?

France is a disgusting, Jew-hating, sharia hell hole.

I’m not the only one who has noticed.

Even the French hate the French.

Things are better in Hungary.


Kook and Humourless Left, Wokestapo and Trans:

Not a cult or anything like that.

The ranks of gender “de-transitioners” are growing, we need to understand why.

Leaving the “fraud” of the transgender lifestyle. I think everyone should at least stop using the term “sex-reassignment”. Language is part of this battle. That people are being forced to swallow the Big Lie that humans can “re-assign” the sex of a human being is a big part of where the problem starts. The evil, presumptuous arrogance built into that one phrase is a very good place to start. Stop buying into the lies.

Because ultimately, this is where this wicked ideology leads.

Hollyweirdos using Australia bush fires to push crazy climate kaka ideology.

Stop buying into the lies and the insanity. Start here.

This is why Trump won. Not satire.



The medications that change who we are. Big Yikes!


Human Grace:

Via the great Kathy Shaidle: Gene Simmons surprises the biggest KISS fan. Get tissues ready!

Standing with a retired NYPD policeman battling ALS alone.

Couple adopts and then learn they are expecting!

A 103-year old WW2 veteran finally gets his combat medals, seventy-five years late.

The pen is not mightier than the sword, but it can bring on a smile. This is very sweet. G-d bless the healers.

Incredible: a robot offers new hope for cerebral palsy patients.

A 9-year old boy saves his grandmother from drowning, having learned life-saving skills on You Tube!

Cannot stop smiling. Little girl signs Christmas song for deaf parents at holiday concert.

Love this: inspiring success stories from the over 40 crowd.

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