Osama bin Laden film trailer debuts online. Watch It Here

Zero Dark Thirty is due out on 19 December, just after this year’s US presidential election. The timing is designed to allay fears from Republican politicians that the movie might influence voters by portraying Obama in a flattering light. Bigelow’s project drew flak from the US right earlier this year after it emerged that the president’s administration shared information with the production team. New York congressman Peter King, chair of the house homeland security committee, has questioned whether it was right to share “confidential” details. Ben Child – The Guardian – Click To Read More…

The movie trailer for the film “Zero Dark Thirty”, Obama’s film showcasing Osama bin Laden’s killing was released to The Guardian and numerous other online new sources as well as youtube in August where it has been running since.

Couple this with the crowing and bragging at the Democratic convention mentioning the killing of bin Laden 21 times where delegates could purchase shirts and bumper stickers commemorating his murder.  It presents a pretty good argument for the Middle East going up in flames and chanting “we are all Osama now” on the anniversary of 9/11. As we all know we do not live in a vacuum.

Perhaps when Obama was referencing the evils of the film that incited the riots across the muslim world to the UN in his speech today he was simply confused about which movie trailer. – DSMW