Our New Post-Virus Lexicon

Travelers line up outside the Hankou Railway Station after travel restrictions to leave Wuhan, China, were lifted, April 8, 2020. (Aly Song/Reuters)From ‘antibody’ to ‘Wuhan,’ old terms take on new meaning.

Antibody badges = surely a German import

Antibody tests = It seems that nobody tests.

AOC = See, emissions went down during shelter in place.

Best and Brightest = being wrong on modeling, human infectiousness, test-kit availability, travel bans, masks, and anti-malarial drugs, without ever having to say your’re sorry

Joe Biden = Beware of Ezekiel Emanuel!

Big Pharma = Leave! Come Home!

Bioweapon = the next Chinese summit

Boomers = Hey man, so, so sorry about the debt.

Michael Bloomberg = oddly melted down and exited the national stage before the Chinese virus struck

Border security = yesterday’s Neanderthalism; today’s prescience

The CDC = Wearing masks is bad; masks for some are better than for others; all masks are good.

China = yesterday’s inevitable new hegemon; today’s global pariah, tomorrow’s 1.4-billion-person infectious nightmare

Chinese Communist Party = Without its news bulletins, apparently Democracy Dies in Darkness.

CNN = We shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, drive away any viewing audience in order to assure the destruction of Trump.

Conspiracy theory = Did China shut down all travel out of Wuhan while continuing Wuhan-to-U.S. direct flights?

COVID-19 = now tasked with doing what neither Robert Mueller nor Adam Schiff could

Cuomo on Cuomo = Learn how the nation’s most infected and lethal state proved to be its most successful in fighting the virus.

Denominator = When in doubt, make it up.

Durham = Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye

Emanuels = “Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste,” “I hope to die at 75,” and all that sick jazz

EU = In matters of money, a borderless currency is one thing; but in times of death, a borderless humanitarian response is quite another.

Experts = better to be wrong with an M.D. and a Ph.D. than right without one

Farmers = Please, please, keep digging holes and dropping in seeds!

Anthony Fauci = remembered for being a genius today, forgotten when being wrong yesterday

FDA = Let’s not be hasty.

Fish-tank cleaner = an imaginative viral cure supposedly advocated by Donald Trump

Flattening the curve = pausing for the next outbreak without herd immunity

The flu = a federal felony to mention it in comparison with COVID-19

Globalists = now investing in a cheaper Chinese global vaccine

Globalization = We are all residents of Wuhan now.

Gray matter = capitalizing Chinese Communist companies with Western liquidity

Gun control = only for the little people

Hand cleanser = said to cure cancer, heart problems, and diabetes

Hedge fund = For now, it won’t feed or warm you.

Hydroxychloroquine = a formerly safe drug, but now to be avoided as toxic and proof of Trump’s quackery — unless you come down with a bad case of the virus

Iran = out-terrorized by a stealthier terrorist

Italy = If only Gucci and Versace had made masks and ventilators.

Keep on truckin’ = literally

Masks = Worn to save you or them or neither or both?

Angela Merkel = There will be no corona bonds.

Mexico = It’s now racist to cross the border.

Modelers = certified geniuses who nobly erred so grievously only to force the public to do what they did not know was supposed to be good for them.

Numerator = dying with the coronavirus or from it?

Obama = Barack who?

Outsourcers = Chinese masks and ventilators were in-the-know investments.

Nancy Pelosi = first to warn of the existential viral danger by urging visits to Chinatown after the travel ban

Racism and xenophobia = Chinese institutionalizing of both provides proof of embracing neither.

Bernie Sanders = gone to buy another home on the lake

Shelter in place = Amazon plot

Silk Road = the quickest way to Wuhan

Social distancing = a nice way to avoid what or whom you didn’t like

Socialism = Shut down, stay in, don’t work, get paid, keep angry — vote accordingly.

Taiwan = Are democratic, brave Chinese really such a bad thing?

Touching your face = now far worse than scratching your groin

2.2 million dead Americans = so why not 20.2 million?

Your seventies = the new nineties

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus = explains why WHO always used to have a doctor as its director

Toilet paper = Either hoard it, or I will.

Travel ban = bad idea that the racist and xenophobic Trump should have done earlier

United Nations = for once, passed an admirable resolution praising itself for doing nothing

Vaccination for COVID-19 = For anti-vaxxers, some vaccinations will be more equal than others.

Ventilators = part of a conspiracy to provide governors far more of them than they need

Virology = the science of dealing with deadly viruses that are smarter than you are

Vote by mail = and often

Wet markets = where old bats, snakes, and pangolins go to die so that new vira can be born

White House press corps = How come just one more smear doesn’t give the president the hoped-for fatal heart attack?

WHO = the art of ridiculing America — a democracy that gives ten times the amount of WHO contributions as antidemocratic China — for enacting a life-saving travel ban, while parroting the Chinese propaganda that is killing thousands

“The world is flat” = A coronavirus from Wuhan can reach Malibu more rapidly than most parts of China.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology = Hmmmm . . .

NRO contributor Victor Davis Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and the author, most recently, of The Case for Trump.

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